Monday, December 31, 2012

A Snowy Monday

Getting some pretty snow here in Missouri today...took this picture of a  female Cardinal 
from the computer room window...we have a feeder in that tree and it's a busy 
place today!
Sock Monkey trying to take a nap the other day in the poinsettia plant.
Sock Monkey using a battery operated candle to celebrate the holidays..
Tyler taking a nap the other day when I was watching him....tucked by his left hand
is that little white snowman with a black hat.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to Us

We decided to buy a new TV for the basement....a 55 inch flat screen thing. I am
sure we'll get a lot of good use out of it....
Richard set it up this afternoon.
When I went down there he had pushed our old big screen across the room...on it's
way to other places....I have the feeling if it wasn't for the massive wood pile in the
furnace room, it would be by the door! I felt kind of bad for it...It has been such a 
good tv...I think we got it in 94 or 95.
Hope everyone's Christmas is great!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Blustery Day

We are getting a taste of Winter here is so windy! Also cold with some snow...
I took this picture of a squirrel this morning in the Burr Oak tree on the North side 
of our house....he was hanging on in the wind!
Took this picture a few minutes ago....Speedy wanting in....
Last night when Tyler was here he took the little snowman and put it in the 
rocking chair with the big sweet...he also put sock monkey
back on the rocking horse....

Thursday Randoms

Two of the cards from our last card class...........
Taken at Christmas on the Square...
Tyler enjoying the sights and sounds of the season!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Retirement Dinner

The cake we had a local lady make for Richard's retirement dinner..
Richard's boss had this cake made..
One of the picture displays and the big poinsettia..
The other picture display..
Bucket list display that Sarah made.
I like how a couple of his gifts were wrapped in surveyor colors...and used that flagging 
for ribbon!

Playing with a new truck he got from our dear friends...
Tyler checking out the pictures on his Mom's camera..
It was a nice time!

A Surprise

Richard had gotten a deer the other day with his muzzleloader...I knew he had given it
to a imagine my surprise yesterday morning when after hanging
laundry I turned around to go back to the house and saw this......
not a nice surprise! haha!
Tyler was at the house when he came home with the deer...he looks appropriately disgusted.haha!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Rocket Science and the Deer

I was walking around the Mae yard the other day and came across this rocket.  The 
Science class at school had blasted rockets off on the track a few days and apparently
this one was off course...
Sure glad to have an orange and white parachute hanging in our Sweet Gum tree...not!
Two buck rubs in the Mae field...probably not more than 100 yards from our house....wish
I could have seen the deer doing this! That would have been neat!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday Photo Dump

Time to clean off my camera card! View of Missouri's capital from the North.
Richard bought me these foil wrapped chocolate turkeys after Thanksgiving...yum!
November full moon through our Hickory tree..
from the Kohl's parking St. Mary's on the ridge..

Capital Quarries operation by Kohl's
The weight machine going to it's new home.
Pumpkins/gourds on their way to the garden..sorry Tyler, now your wagon has 
pumpkin slime and seeds in it!
Christmas lights that worked when they were put away last year, but not when unpacked this year!
From another card class..

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cyber Monday

Spent Cyber Monday out and about....first to the Post Office...
Then the bank.....
And the store....
This is a little disturbing....on my way from the bank to the store I saw this kitten gnawing on
some road kill by the highway in front of the welfare office.....When I came back from the store, it
was still there so I pulled over...I took a picture of it and considered trying to get it out of the 
danger zone...but, figured if I came up on it from behind, it would run into the highway...and
if I came up to it from in front, I would be in the highway, so I left and hoped it would not get hurt..
Sarah had to take Tyler to the Dr. that afternoon, so I rode along to help.. I sat in the car with him
while she ran into Walmart to pick up a couple things....
Poor little guys was sooo sick....
While we were in the parking lot, he started saying "orange lights"....he spotted this wrecker..
He really likes his toy wreckers...
Then to Kohl's where she ran into get a shirt..
And to the Dr...which took a while, but the end result was several days
later he was back to his old self!
Stopped here for a quick snack on the way home....
And our last stop..for his meds....
I was glad I was able to go along and "help"...and that his Mom was willing to let me go!