Sunday, December 10, 2017

Rails to Trails

huge pile of railroad ties in Argyle. The ties and rails are being removed in preparation for turning it into a walking/biking trail from being a railroad.

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Woods in Winter

Richard took these pictures for me way back in the woods while working on a survey job.   It was chilly that day and here are some frost flowers. Pretty neat!

The hills were pretty steep where he had to go...and you can see how far you can see through the woods.

Would like to see what this looks like after some rain!

Big old cedar with what appears to be where bobcats sharpen their neat would that be to see!

another spot up in the tree

Looks like the Ozarks!

This is pretty remote and imagine lots of time passes between visits from humans!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sandpile Time

We took the two older grandkids to the cabin for a bit this was so nice out.  The kids swept up the leaves on the deck into a pile..

Emily had fun throwing them all around..

They both picked a few sandpile toys to bring down from the cabin. They had a real good time playing.

Emily's birthday cake she made!

and Tyler's.  They even had a particular stick to "light" the candles with.

Was good to get outside some this afternoon...especially since Winter is knocking at the door!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Barbie Cars

Before I stored away Halloween and Thanksgiving I got these out from behind where those totes go....The Barbie cars I had saved from when our girls were little...two bottom ones were some generic brand and the two on top were actually Barbie brand. I am looking forward to seeing Emily's reaction when she sees them....and to see which one she picks to take home first.

And this one was down there too..a  RV type van. You can tell the kids played with all these quite a bit.....

and then I saw where one wheel was broken off....amazingly it still kind of rolls...But...why on Earth did I keep this?  guess I just couldn't let it go! ha! 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Sunday Morning

I was wakened Sunday morning at 3:30  by the sounds of a woman the time I figured out there had been a wreck by our place there was a deputy arriving....and lots of volunteer firemen, trucks, and ambulance and a roll back...much lights and noise in the early morning....the girl had ran off the road, hit this big ditch, took out the sign and continued on over the mae driveway and back onto the highway...quite a ride!

dug up quite a bit of dirt and rocks when she hit the end of the ditch

Sunday morning we walked down to check it out...found this bird and stuck it in the fence....wonder how long it'll stay there.....I haven't heard, but I am thinking the girl wasn't hurt much....

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Sunset

The sunset was pretty this evening....Saturday's sunset was spectacular, but did not have a camera with me...
These were taken at the old charcoal kilns

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dry Run

Have been having quite the dry run on the blog.  Have been super busy but just can't seem to come up with any posts.... I found this piece of a Pepsi bottle in a mole hill in the Mae Place.

I rubbed on it with some water and some of the paint came off..

Some Fall color from last week

I took all the screens off a few days ago...something I do every Fall.  The inside of the windows are washed and hopefully the outsides will be washed within a day or two. Saturday morning here was like Spring....The spider had built a web outside of our kitchen window...a perfect web in which it caught a few little bugs.  As the weather person promised, a cold front pushed through and the spider disappeared.  After quite a bit of wind, it's web was half gone..