Friday, January 21, 2011

Bird Magnet

Oh yeah Jack.....I am sure lots of birds are going to come to the feeder while you are standing guard!
My husband hired a friend to build this for's a replica of one that is in the museum yard...

Changing things around

I did some moving around of things the other day....and hanging some new picture frames I got. Not sure about the mirrors here.....would probably look better if it was all framed pictures...still giving it some thought....The larger mirror came from my mother's side of the family....bought the smaller one at a local auction a while ago. Wondering how long it will be until I actually put pictures in the frames...........hmmm I am betting it will be a while!

Sweet Slumber

Sweet Baby Tyler taking a nap on his great-great grandmother's peaceful.......

Traditional Sheet Cake

Used to be a tradition for me to make this sheet cake for different events.....Have kind of gotten away from that for some time, but made one for my husband to take to a work event and then this one for an event our daughter and son-in-law were having.....pretty good stuff!


What? you all don't have five things of rib rub in your spice cabinet? Including one that was empty? Or three salt free greek seasoning containers? I cleaned out our spice cabinet the other day and couldn't resist making this pyramid! Sure had some duplicates, didn't we? Well, some of them did come from the cabin when we closed it up for the summer.....And my husband does use this stuff, as he is a fantastic cook!
I do believe we are set for salt and pepper.....the smaller tupperware my husband used to use when we traveled with his job...the larger tupperware set are the ones we use when we cook.. The silver colored ones are real nice....we usually bring them out for the extra table at Thanksgiving, etc. Of course these were just the ones in the cabinet.....have lots of other pretty and seasonal ones here and there......

A Mysterious Visitor

Snapped a couple pics of this mysterious visitor a couple weeks ago......He/She came from across the road in the morning and was very shy......ran off shortly after these pics were taken. We used to have a black cat....named Ebony.....Maybe this is a decendant?

You might have noticed the "driftwood" and natural limestone can tell I like things from nature!

New Years Eve Feast

We had a nice group in for dinner on New Year's Eve. Here is our littlest little guest...isn't he a cutie? Mmmm.....dessert! Ice Cream Cake with caramel and pecans on top....notice the one corner without pecans......our daughters don't like pecans so we left one little corner without nuts for them! We often have this cake for our birthday's one of our favorites!

The salad area....One of our guests brought a wonderful garden's in the gold was sooo nice and fresh!

The seafood.............bunch of big shrimp and a huge pile of crab legs........good stuff!

Prime Rib......Excellent!

We had a real nice evening......It's something we try to do every year.......have a really nice meal and then there is some time for visiting.. We eat early enough that people can enjoy it and still have time to go to other gatherings......One sad part is that our good friends who we have had for a few of our New Year's Eve dinners will be moving and so we'll be two less next year :(

2010 was a pretty good year for us and am hoping that 2011 is a good one too!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Well, I am a little behind on my are just a few of my favorite items from Christmas.........Puss and Boots from the Shrek movie............such a cute character and has sooo much personality! And Rooftop...a TY beanie baby. Tyler had fun playing with these!

Ok, this may not be one of my favorite things.....just a really freaky thing. My husband's boss won it in some office party thing. It's a Cardinals nutcracker man.....and the picture doesn't even show how totally freaky it is.....and it still had the price tag on it...$30.......wacko!

Some of my favorite ornaments.......they are from when I was a child.

Really like these little gnomes/elves......some are from my parents' Christmas decorations, a few I have picked up along the cute. You can hang them on the tree, but I usually just display them on a windowsill or table.

Large angel handmade by the daughter of our pastor...bought it at a church bazaar a few years ago....The two smaller angels are from my parents' decorations.....they have cardboard skirts and china heads.....they are really sweet.

Well.....the gold angel is our tree topper....which never got put on the tree...little white bell with holly from a hallmark with mini ornaments also from hallmark...cardinal plate was a gift from my it and still have it's winter not just Christmas, right? The wonderful handmade reindeer..made by our pastor's husband....The carousel I bought at a hallmark store after Christmas sale in 1989. Little flowered bowl to the far right is where we keep our keys...bought it at Kohl's....

These are really precious....the middle one looks to be vintage?? the other two I believe came from a Hallmark store....and they are sitting on a pretty mirror..

That's it for this post......Looks like Christmas outside today...lots of snow on the ground and is flurrying now...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Funny date today.... 1.11.11 Very cold here in Mid-Missouri! Had some snow yesterday and I was off work today. Normally those are real productive days for me, but couldn't seem to focus on a project today.....tomorrow will be better! I did clean out a cabinet....the cabinet where we keep our spices...will try to post a picture later!