Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday's Outing

Richard and I went into the big town this morning..our first stop was the ATM
Then we stopped here to drop off a check to pay for the Fall Supper
sausage...that top sign was in the process of changing..looks weird!
We stopped by his office for some paperwork...
Black Bear outside the office...
Weird plant growing in a planter at the office...
No, the truck wasn't on fire...guess they were burning something over there.
Then we both had appointments here...all good there and got my flu shot!
Our next stop:
Where he turned in some more paperwork....
Where we had lunch!
Yet another trip to Walmart....
Stopped in here for some craft tape.....I could spend a lot of time in this store!
Final stop in the big city....just needed to pick up a couple things for
Thanksgiving Dinner.....I buy almost all my groceries from the home-town
grocery store..
Took  a drive through Westphalia on the way home..
This has always been a good place to eat......It has changed hands I think
since I have been there, but I am assuming it's still good..
Cool rock wall by the church.
Old historic house on the South end of town that Richard's brother
and his wife own....very neat....
Old well pump
We had a good trip, and most importantly, a safe one!

Mute Monday

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Johnny W's Things-Part Four

From the depression era...
The text of this ad is sure politically incorrect now!
The other magazine I took pictures from..
A little stamp that was in the box....don't know the story of it..
Family Fun! haha!
I think this came in a blue bottle.
I like this drawing of Old Man Winter..
We made this for our neighbor for Christmas one was a little's face and ears are gone, but you can see it was made
out of a pull top off a soda can....We would make little treats for
him and put them in his memories for sure.