Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ralph and Bob

Here is Bob doing what Bob does!

Here is the truck Ralph and Bob bring to work....has all their needed items in it, no doubt!

Ralph and Bob like John Deere!

Bob in action again!

Bob is missing

Here he is!

Trench in front of our house yesterday morning....Ralph and Bob must have gotten called away to help with another part of the project.......

Ralph's machine......

This must be what it's all about!

Ralph visiting with a passer-by while Bob is off doing something else......

Still was a nice morning for visiting......

Ralph and Bob should finish with our end of town today......Funniest thing that happened today was when they cut through or broke a water line and water came gushing out! haha Will be glad when they are done and honestly, at least yesterday I don't think they tore anything up they didn't have to.....and I appreciate that.

Old School House Light

This light fixture was in my parents' former house when there was a fire. My brother salvaged it and was going to use it in some remodeling, but it didn't fit in their plans, so he gave it to me! I was excited to get this!
This morning I took it apart and cleaned it up....came out pretty good!

The light bulb even had smoke on it.....and the bulb still works!

I was glad to get this fixture.....I can still envision where it hung, in by the piano......hopefully someday I will be able to replace one of our current fixtures with it....

Dungeon Days

Box lid decorated for our cat Tippy...
I still remember getting this lamp as a child. I remember waking up on Christmas morning and going out of my room and I can still "see" it sitting on a shelf in the living room. I really loved this lamp! It originally had a tan shade and of course it eventually got tattered. When I hurt my ankle playing softball at college my Mom covered it with red fabric.

It still works and actually was used not too long ago in the family room in the basement...

Some people say I have too many boxes.... Some people may be right! They were for sure in a totally disorganized pile!

I went through them and reorganized them....and actually threw away some that were bent up....missing lids, lids missing bottoms, etc. at least it looks a little better!

Ok, I probably still have too many boxes!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came a little early at our house for Tyler this year.....these pictures are actually in reverse order....Richard just got this put together for the Little Mister and we don't have the decals on it yet, so it looks even better now.

I do believe he liked it!

Getting in for the first time.....

Is this for me??

It was fun to watch him use the little truck! And it was neat to get him something he liked so much....

Last Week's Plants

Well, plants and trees I guess. All of these pictures were taken last week.....this is a limb of our Sycamore tree showing what I guess are the baby Sycamore seed deals... snowdrops from below looking up at the Sycamore tree.....

Over by the "red garage"

On the Sweet Gum tree.....I noticed yesterday these are all over the ground now, so I guess they did their thing.

Sweet little flower covering the ground between us and the mae house...

I have heard this has been the warmest March on record for our area......sure has been a warm month......


The water line guys have finally made it down our way.....has been a very noisy week here....This is the second load of rock for the project down here.... lots of action!

sometimes I couldn't hear myself think! haha

Put it to bed for the night...ahh quiet!

the sign...."Bob's" shovel and gloves.......

"Bob" has spent ALOT of time multi-tasking today! This is only one of his "leaning on my shovel, talking on my cell" poses! haha

I am going to escape here in a bit....a friend gave me a tip on where some Shooting Star (a wildflower) I shall go investigate!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dungeon Days Box Two

My second box of the day....packed in a pioneer stereo box...
I truly have no idea what is in's labeled dishes and misc items. I am thinking it's stuff from when we divided Juanita's dishes.

Here it is all unpacked and spread out. Why yes, that is a different table! Love this cherry table we bought from friends! My other table is full of box #1 haha

Old pottery bowls, perhaps from Mexico and Texas? a wooden bowl, a bowl that appears to be made of a coconut perhaps......a stand that says Puerto Rico......wondering if the San Juan Puerto Rico Salt/Peppers from Box #1 go with this?

Lu-Ray pastel dishes

I like this pattern!

and this one also

bottom of the "dogwood" cup

Don't know anything about this plate?

Eastern Star dishes

Will take a different pix of that troll later and explain it. Have no idea how it got in with this stuff! haha He must be magic! See that red fridgie? It was the last thing I took out of the box.....I could tell by the lid it was a fridgie and I was doing a celebration dance in my head, then I got it out and it's finish is all messed up :( oh well!

The tiny plastic flower pot had this note in it : flower pot from Juanita -Texas

I think it was either given to Mom Henderson or Madolyn

The deal had two notes in said "From Cecil Hutchison"

the other says "Juanita sent Mom from Texas 1942" and that's in Madolyn's writing. In the picture the frog looks like it has a chip in it by it's mouth, but that is just light reflecting, there is no chip there...or anywhere else for that matter.

Dessert dishes I guess? and looks like a wine's pretty heavy so I am thinking it's nice...

Interesting Salt and Peppers

Still have their Japan sticker on them....look how their tails are!

Marking on the bottom of the mouse salt/peppers

Always fun to go through a box of "dishes and misc items"