Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Things

Tyler helped make me this awesome wreath last week....I just love all the natural stuff...This was all collected in our yard and the Mae Place....not more than 200 yards from our house...Special because he picked out every single thing to be put on here!
Sarah and I went to Maries Hollow Saturday and I bought a couple the dried flowers and plants...I hung this one in our living room...
She called this one an oregano the zinnias and rosebuds! I hung this one in the bathroom...She does such neat work and it's a neat place to visit.
Question of the day: Is it bad that this morning when I was starting to ready our house for a big Thanksgiving Dinner that I had various items and collections of items that I didn't want to sort/deal with  so I put them in the trunk of my car? hahaha  That's where I was this morning! oops guess I shouldn't be giving away all my secrets! ha! Happy Monday to all!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunday Sky

These pictures were taken Sunday...actually the moon picture was taken Sunday night..
We were up at church early Sunday morning changing the sign and finishing up some putting away of Fall Supper things and when I left this amazing bank of clouds was coming in. It looked awesome! Too bad I didn't have my camera with me! So when I got home I went out on the back deck and took these...The bank had already gotten here, but it looks ok I guess....It was super windy all day!
These are looking to the North from our house. The wind blew all the leaves out of the yard!
The Maple behind the Mae House lost a big branch....That is one way to trim a tree and a forsythia bush!
We were thankful not to have tornadoes like some people did!

Another Borrowed Camera

Here is where I go sometimes to be "unplugged".......away from the computer and the phone.....the Mae Porch.....It was warm one day last week when I sat over there and this time of year the sun shines on the porch...very relaxing!
Hickory leaves that all fell in about 12 hours...these pictures were taken with another borrowed camera.
It had a really good zoom on it....I was standing in front of the Mae House when I took this picture of our deck!
Little shelf in our living room. I actually dusted this shelf the other day!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Not quite wordless...Playing with a borrowed camera....think the quality of the pictures is different?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day Sunrise

I was out early this morning....was a beautiful sunrise, but it didn't last long before some clouds covered it up.  I was out in shorts and  a  light jacket....won't be doing that tomorrow, as we are supposed to get a drastic weather change!
I was on my usual perch on the East side of the Mae House....this is the reflection in a window...frames the sunrise...
Molly watching me from her straw bed...
Whoa! Mae House on fire! Neat reflection...

A pretty start to the day!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Mae Woods

Earlier this week I walked down to the edge of the Mae Woods to pick up a couple five gallon buckets of walnuts....While I was down there Jack came out of the woods to see me....after a while he settled down in a sunny spot to watch me..
It would seem he is fairly well hidden by this brush....
Enjoying the afternoon..
After I got done with the walnuts...and after just laying on the ground and enjoying the day for a bit, I walked on down into the edges of the woods...The red leaves are on a huge Oak tree...Nearby is a couple of rock outcroppings....would be a neat place to play for a kid!
Jack hiding again....find him?
He is really hidden this time!
Part of an old sink....the oval area on top was the soap dish..
Pretty leaves and berries in the sun..
Hickory tree....It was just loaded with hickories...and the ground is just covered by the nuts and shells....
Big hickory nuts!
Molly was along for the adventure too, but didn't get in any pictures....It was a pleasant way to spend a bit of time on a pretty afternoon! I should do it more often!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fun Visitors! And Being Prepared!

Wouldn't want to run out! hahaha
Sarah and the kids stopped by after she got off work today! We always enjoy our visits with them! Here is Gpa being the favorite! haha

Wildflower Wednesday

Photos taken October 21 along a county road over by Spring Creek..

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Persimmon Seeds

Here are four persimmons I picked up in the yard one day last week....I decided to check out the seeds to see what folklore would say the Winter weather would be like....
I squished out the seeds....
Then I let them dry a day....after that I got rid of the gooey messy part and peeled off the membrane type material from the seed.
Of the ten seeds I had, the first one kind of looked like a knife (meaning piercing cold)...but I did kind of mess it up getting it cut in half...anyway, the next six I did all looked like this...a spoon, meaning lots of snow to scoop!  I got distracted by something and never did go back and do the rest...
It was an interesting experiment...something I had always heard about, but never took the time to do...Now, we'll see if the persimmon seeds are right!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wednesday's Trip Part Two

This old church was on a county road between Bay and Swiss....would have liked to have gotten out and walked around, but there was questionable people living next to it...including  a Rotweiller sp? on the loose!
Built just after the Civil War
Private lake at Swiss that Richard helped do some surveying on..Pretty reflection in the water...
Had lunch in Swiss at this local diner. There was the required table full of local men discussing all sorts of farming stuff...
We went to this place, which was across the highway from the diner...
Weather vane.....they also had some yard ornament type pigs around and a neat little log building out by the road, but I didn't get pictures of that...
This picture is for Tyler, who likes trains....railroad bridge at Gasconade...
Also at Gasconade....and the access..
Of course someone decided to put bullet holes in it..
Interesting place....looked up on I think DNR's website and read about this...built in the late 1800's..housing units, etc. Wish I could have walked around them!
Wow! I think this guy means it! ha! He had stuff written on all sides! 
Neat old bulding
In Chamois
Old river cabins near Westphalia...along the Maries River.
It was a pleasant day and we covered a lot of territory...actually ended up over on 133 near Meta!