Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday Pictures

We wanted to test out one of our boats yesterday, so we took it up to the Osage River. Oddly, I have never
been on the Osage. It sure was different from the Gasconade. It was up some, so I know it was a bit
different from what it usually is. It was a nice day and the boat ran great.  This is where we put in.
Looking upriver.
Downriver they were putting in a new bridge.
Eagle family!
Messing with gadgets that give all sorts of useful information..
Not the greatest picture.....took this yesterday morning from our back door....turkey was strutting his stuff
in the field behind our house...
And then last evening a visitor very close to the house.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old and New

Here is monkey saying goodbye to our truck, which we had for 18 years. It sure was a good truck!
I miss this truck was like an old friend and all comfy....I am not comfortable in the new
one yet..In time I guess I will be.
And monkey wondering if he will like the new truck..(it's not new, but new to us) anyway, will get used
to it I suppose. Sure hated to see the old one go, but it was probably time.
I got this little fellow at a gift shop when we were in Florida at my Mom's. He is sitting on our front table.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday Workday

It was such a nice day yesterday we thought it would be a good time to do some limb trimming.
We started at the area had carpets of little white flowers..picture doesn't do it justice.
We saw this moth as we were was clinging to a Sweet Gum tree.
I like the details of it's face...and those antennas!
Let's see if you can guess where we went next...a rustic door thing...
handful of nails, some square on an old porch...yeah, this isn't hard to figure out!
Wonder what is in here?
Yes, there is an outhouse right in town! We are on the grounds of the Old Jail Museum.
this tree was apparently nearly strangled by a vine at one time!
I like how it used the blue cedar berries on this!
near the highway, where those two limestone rocks are.
Pretty Spring flowers blooming..
It was sure a nice day yesterday.....and it was good to get some things accomplished.

Monday, April 22, 2013

More Monkey

Somewhere in Mississippi I think
Looking over some scrapbooks....
Monkey like candy!
Monkey finds a new friend..
Love the seashells!
Thinking about going swimming...
riding the birds.
Sock Monkey is already looking forward to his next adventure!

Friday, April 19, 2013


While we were in Daytona, we went on a tour of the Speedway....It was the all-access tour I believe
they called it....If you are interested in such things it was for sure worth the money.
We rode that little tram thing there at the bottom of the track...Here they let us all out to see how 
steep the banking is on the track..This is at the finish line.
We all got out at victory lane and got our pictures taken.
They took us six floors up in an elevator to the highest part..this is looking down on things..
This year's winning car..which we saw at the end of the tour...

After that we went to the beach!

East Side Artesian Well

We have our own little artesian well here on the East side of town! The pictures don't really show it, 
but you can see the water flowing up from the ground right here...
One of the little rivulets coming from the well!
And flowing down across the driveway, headed downhill!
Bob and Ralph....Where are you??
While it is true we have had some rain here, I believe this is more than rain as you can see it coming up from the ground....Oh, and there were snow flurries out there this morning when I took these pictures! Happy Spring!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Trip Pictures

Bridge from Missouri into Illinois
Busy Place!
Traffic was moving quite a bit slower in the Northbound lanes.
On the back glass of a vehicle
And on the bumper...
Hurts my brain! 
Looking across the lake at the back side of the house where my Mom lives.
We kind of ended up here on accident!
No kidding!
Bowling pin in the sky...
We were glad to see this sign!