Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Morning

Ooops....this piece of wallpaper just came off the wall in Richard's bathroom.....looks like I now have a new project! Jack drinking from the birdbath this morning....I like how he is using Becky Thatcher's head to step on so he can reach it!

When we left the house Thanksgiving Day to go to the cabin these were flying over the house!

We had a nice extended weekend....still no Christmas things out.....I better get to doing that!

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Tangled Mess

No, I am not putting my Christmas decorations up yet......although I am sure plenty of people are.....I found these in the dungeon last week when I was looking for something else.....Three strands of lights totally jammed together.....I don't store my lights this way, so not real sure how this happened.....only thing I can think of is that I did have lights at school and these are probably them...just stuck them in a grocery bag to carry them home.....It will give me something to do, right? haha

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Gift from the Mae House

This has been in the Mae House area since we bought the place and we are finally getting around to putting it out so we can enjoy it.....
close-up of the top of it...

part of the handle....


It has some rust on it, but that's the way it should be!

Not sure if this is where we will be leaving it, but will see how we like it there.

The wooden part of the handle....nearly gone...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Walk in the Mae Field

Miss Molly and I went on a short adventure down near the Mae woods last week....Old board fences are pretty neat!
A collapsed hog house....

There is an area at the corner of the field that was used to put things no longer needed before we bought the place....old feeders, barrels, see the toilet? anyway, lots of misc. items

Where the top of that big livestock feeder meets the side.

A view of the back of the falling down hog the faded red paint......

Decorative edge on the toilet

A hog house that hasn't fallen down yet....something about this picture just says hillbilly or ozarks!

thick stand of buck brush, or coral berries.....

Still have some pretty leaves around....not sure what this tree is, just volunteered in the old fence row

coral berry.....out of focus! lol

Volunteer asparagus growing the the fence row of the garden.......asparagus is such a pretty color in the fall...golden yellow

The Last Rose of Summer

Well, maybe not actually the last....since I took this there is one more getting ready to bloom.....this one is so delicate and a lovely shade of pink.......

Here is another one all bloomed out

a heart shaped potato! haha

Richard found me this in a junk pile while deer hunting....It looks like it might have been a bucket...

Had these flowers on both sides, and some of it was embossed......looking forward to seeing what it looks like after I clean it up!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The "Wood Shed"

Did some exploring a week or so ago and visited the building we call the wood shed. Actually more like a small barn....I suppose we call it the wood shed because at one time we stored our firewood in there. This is on the outside....part of an old wood stove, I think.

Appears to be a heavy metal drawer out of an old stove....and no doubt a breeding ground for mosquitos last Summer.....I turned it upside down.

Bird nest inside the building

Place where the cattle used to get fed

I believe this is an old chicken is in a small enclosed room inside the shed

Bucky the deer target....He is feeling neglected because he is stacked in with the old fence rolls and goodness knows what else! haha

Misc. assorted "stuff"

One of the door latch deals.....I think they are neat!

I like the way the old faded lumber looks.

Hinge near the top......More red here, must be protected by the eaves.

Molly and I enjoyed our leisurely walk that afternoon!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Historical Velvetta

When we were straightening up at the cabin this Fall, our daughter found this empty Velvetta box holding some extra can see the bottom box there is from 1982. It's interesting how the packaging has changed in nearly 30 years...In a way, it's kind of remarkable how little it has changed....The price of course has changed, the top box from now is priced $ doesn't show in the picture, but the one from 1982 has a price tag from our local grocery store of $4.43. Another thing I noticed is that it's still a two pound box...other things have gone to smaller amounts in their sugar was always in a five pound bag and now it's a four pound bag..Some ice cream has gone from a half gallon pkg to 1.75qt...etc........

Sooo I think I will just take this box back down to the cabin and put it in the back of a cabinet!
It might be fun to stumble across this again in a few years!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Totally Random Stuff

This will be an even stranger than normal post...We have been having some trouble using our laptop, so Richard showed me how to use the desk top to do has a different operating system I guess is what they call it? Anyway, I was just practicing with these pictures. The first one is a picture of the water tower from our back fence.....Pretty I said, just practicing....I have heard that this tower may be taken down at some point in the future, so Iwill need to get some better pics of it. We took a very short walk down to the edge of the woods yesterday evening about dark...A weed in the field!

Blackberry leaves in November

Our daughters have been attending a card making group for several months.....I decided to go to this time..........This is the first card I made..........yes, snowman is off center.....and about buried in snow! haha Oh, and the bow looks pretty lame!

It doesn't show, but this one has sparkly snow looking stuff in the trees and on the ground...yes, the trees are off center too! haha

I am thinking that this will take some practice!

This is the last one we made...It also has the snow sparkle stuff on the snow areas....I enjoyed the class, and even though mine are far from perfect, they are unique if nothing else..haha

Lunch the "day after" after the fall supper, that is! By the way, this is not my plate, and in all fairness, it wasn't all comsumed! I don't see any green on this plate! haha

Now the test will be to see if I can do this uploading picture thing on my own.....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Veteran's Day

I watched Tyler some Friday morning while his Mom painted his room...we decided to have a photo shoot with Great Grandpa Monkey......I just put them all on here since I couldn't pick between them...

we had a good time taking pictures...and after every one he wanted to see what they looked like..

notice his little bumblebee bag on the couch..that's what she uses to bring his stuff in. so cute!

Sure had fun with him that always!

He had fun hugging the monkey. I am going to guess that monkey is probably at least 50 years old? I am wondering who made it...

He sure is alot of fun!