Friday, January 31, 2014

Sid and the Polly Pocket

This Polly Pocket looks like it lived next door to that kid in Toy Story that tortured the toys.....I think his name was Sid...anyway.....Don't think the car is a polly pocket item, put it is Freaky Friday after all!
Oh, and do you think I could have managed to throw this poor polly away?? Of course not! Apparently I truly do save everything!! Ha!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Polly Pocket

I spent some time today going through all the Polly Pocket stuff....First thing I realized was that I had four of the same thing...excessive, even for me! Couldn't figure out why I would buy four of the same toy,then I looked on the bottom and saw they were Happy Meal toys, so that explained it...
Sweet expressions on their little faces....
Polly taking a drive!
And riding a horse...which by the way has kind of creepy eyes! ha!
Horse farm..
Someone won a prize at the horse show!
These three are like a compact style....meant to be played with while open like this...
Detail in the bathroom! note the pink toilet paper! Ha!
Queen's castle 
and again....this time with the doors shut..
Watch out fairy godmother! You are going to get run over!
Polly "jewelry"
Merry go round....
Should have taken better pictures of these...they are so detailed..
All closed up
I had three of the papers that came with a set when you bought one....lots and lots of different kinds..
Getting ready to head to the dungeon to await the next little girl to play with them...

Lucy Locket (And Friends!)

I have been dungeon mining again...This time for Polly Pockets and this one.....Lucy Locket....Lucy is MIA at this time!  I spent a long time yesterday with Q-Tips cleaning the dust out of every nook and cranny....Wouldn't have had dust in it if I had taken the time back in the day to figure out why it wouldn't close/latch....yeah...took me all of five seconds yesterday to figure it out....would have saved myself a lot of Q-Tip time if I had done that when it got stored away!
The "downstairs"....pretty neat....lots of little details..doors that open,etc.
The detail on this thing is just amazing! Even the little drawers under the bed open!

And here is the whole deal I brought up from the dungeon....oh, my....think we had enough?
Stay tuned for a Polly Pocket update!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Micro Machines!

Sarah and the kids stopped by after work yesterday and Tyler liked this tiny glass frog I had sitting out....He likes little tiny things and that got me to thinking if I had anything in the dungeon that was tiny he could play with....Then I remembered this MicroMachines set we got Sarah a long time ago...I even knew where it was in the dungeon...which is a big surprise! Since we had daughters, I don't have a lot of toys that are primarily "boys"  But I think he will really like this!
Oh,and of course I still had the box! Ha! I suppose collectors would call this "mint in box"
I sure hope he has fun with them.....but he'll have to keep them away from Emily....the little cars are only about an inch long.....While I was down there I located the Polly Pockets.....Emily will hit the jackpot when she is old enough! I brought them up to clean/organize them.....will post on them also....

Friday, January 24, 2014

Two New Finds

We went over to St. James earlier this week to get a new flag for church....It was a nice outing. We had lunch at Country Bob's and then went to an antique mall between St. James and Rolla. Everyone knows I don't have enough stuff! Ha! We enjoyed looking around and I found two little things...a small blue bottle that has already found it's way into the "blue" window..and a paperweight....It was fun and we got by for less than five dollars...
The Liquid Paper is to give you an idea on the size of the other two items.....Happy Friday!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday in Osage County

We saw several neat old houses, barns, etc. on our drive Sunday...this is just one of that old rock wall!
It also had this cool stone outbuilding 
A little ways down the road there was this old time all built on the side of a little bridge...pretty neat!
Rocks on a corner post!

We were also on 521 can see this intersection was on a ridge!
I thought this was great! It was near somebody's welding shop...Santa in the sky! The sign below Santa I believe said Happy Holidays...Interesting sight! There was what appeared to be an old boat seat mounted up there too....
Looking at Santa from behind...
Now we are in Babbtown! I noticed on their church sign that their services are at 8 in the morning!
Heading into Meta..
Love the windmill at this house on the outskirts of Meta...reminds me of Nebraska!
Diamond Dog Food plant....I wasn't a fan of the smell....but I am thinking those that live here probably are used to it and don't even notice it.
Meta Elem. School...We have read quite a bit about this in the newspaper also....some controversy as to what to do with the building now that it isn't used as a school anymore...
Neat old bank...Next time I think I will get out and go peek in the windows!
I just thought this sign was was on a small auto repair shop...
We enjoyed our Sunday drive...took county roads most of the way back home.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sestak Slab

We subscribe to  the newspaper from the county to our North....For a very long time, we keep reading about the Sestak Slab....which is now a bridge, actually.  Apparently it was quite the controversy what to do with the slab and eventually a bridge was put in....There has been lots of trouble with the bridge, primarily debris piling up against it in high water.....and also the damaged done to farmland below the bridge...There was talk of just taking it out, but anyway, We decided to take a drive today to see this bridge that we have read so much about! Here it is!
Looking upstream
And downstream....river seems very wide here....
This picture is for our youngest daughter, who has a strong dislike for logs under/in/near the water!
The white of the sycamore looks so pretty against the bright blue sky..

Big log washed in on the far side of the bridge...
Will post about the rest of our trip later!