Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pretty Colors

We think the electric company is getting ready to replace the pole out in front of our house.
There have been various people here drawing on the ground...a big green OK
A blue 8" MAIN.....I love the pretty orange pattern that guy drew! Stylish!
Red....denoting I think the buried line going to our house....why, yes....that is a Redbud 
sprout in the iris bed! Ha!
I think the guy may have stumbled on some of the many rocks left from the water project and
made this random orange stripe..
This plant got special marking because it is in the extreme danger zone!
The pole does need is in even worse shape than this pictures shows...
Sorry that more of our iris plants are in jeopardy again....Notice all the rocks still left from the water project?
I had them all picked up once, but guess the rain has washed more of them out...guess it doesn't matter now,
since there is going to be a whole new crop......

Friday, June 28, 2013

Freaky Friday

I took both of these pictures down at the cabin on Tuesday...we went down to do a few chores..
A spider with it's egg sack on a big rock.....Later it moved carrying this egg sack with it!
Awesome bug on a piece of firewood.....
Beautiful pattern/colors...Still not a fan! Taken at my Brother-in Law's house.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday in the Yard

Actually, I think I took these pictures on Monday....This is a seed on a Tiger Lily
you can see, we had some rain the night before.
Shasta Daisy growing along our driveway....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday

Wild Hydrangea...took this photo yesterday at the cabin!

Firefighters Memorial

On our way home from Hannibal, we stopped in Kingdom City at the Firefighters Memorial...It was 
quite the deal!
Lots of black granite with names of the ones that had died in the line of duty..
We found the area where a man from Brinktown's name was.
All along the walkways were these squares dedicated to specific people and sponsored I suppose
by specific departments....we found several from our area....Linn, Bland, Dixon, Meta, etc. We
didn't locate our hometown's, but suppose it was there somewhere?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Hannibal Trip

This was taken from the balcony of our hotel....sock monkey watching for us! ha!

Statue thing for Tom and Huck..
We ate lunch here one day....big revolving mug of root beer for a sign...
Interesting the water was higher than "sode"
Along the riverfront.
Neat sundial...interesting how it worked!
Monkey enjoying the ride home!
Would be interesting to know the story behind this building...
We had lunch at this place in Bowling Green...There were a table full of local men next to us
at what I am assuming is called the "coffee table" and it was fun listening to them talking
about everything from the old times to current events.
And Amish couple and their child came in to eat while we were there and tied up their 
horse to a tree outside..
It was fun to explore some new areas!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun With Tyler

Our daughters and Tyler went to the river with us on Saturday...we stopped upriver so
we could play and enjoy the water...Tyler had fun with his little boats. The girls got in the
water, but it still isn't quite warm enough for me!
This is just below what we call Terry Chutes.
We kept Tyler on Friday while his caregiver had an appointment...We had a good day. 
Here he is getting some items from our back yard.
He likes to "play work" with his toy shovel, rake and hoe in our driveway...moving gravel 
from one place to another....naturally we get to stand out there and "work" too. It is fun to watch 
him learn how to use these tools...he even uses the hoe to tamp down the rocks!
Sure enjoyed spending time with the family this weekend!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mark Twain Lake

A couple pictures that were at the Visitor's Center at Mark Twain Lake...I really like these
pictures...would like to do something like that someday......
Snake skeleton...awesome!
Part of the "country store" it bad that I have a couple of these 
things still in use in my kitchen? Ha!
Part of the Vietnam Memorial....
Can't go wrong with a frog!
This looked so real I didn't even want to get close enough to take  a picture!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hannibal Trip

We started the day off yesterday by climbing up to the lighthouse...where we watched a 
crane removing the flood walls...
The view was pretty from up here.
We went to this toy train place and it was awesome!
This shows only a small part of their was fun to watch the trains...
The boat we took a cruise on. This was also pretty neat!
Clouds forming while we were on the Mississippi.
View from a huge cemetery up on a can see where they had some recent
storm damage...
Whenever we saw a train we thought of Tyler!
On the riverfront.