Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Blood Moon

Sure enjoyed the supermoon last night....too bad we had cloud cover for a good part of is the beginning of it..taken from the mae driveway.

for sure should have gotten out my owners manual and read about what settings to use! Ha! and a tripod would not have been a bad idea either!

must have moved the camera! I had some where the moon was really red, but they were even worse than this one!

wow! looks like the moon was under attack here! ha!


well, could have done better with the pictures, but I sure enjoyed the evening to listen to some owls, a guy up the road unload two 22 rounds, and a bunch of coon dogs at a place down towards the river. Our cat and dog were confused about why we were sitting around outside in the night!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Thirsty Turkeys

We saw a big flock of turkeys yesterday fly across the river...the landed on a little gravel bar and got themselves a drink!

interesting stuff on a little stick in the cabin yard.
We had not been down to the river in a while, so it was nice to sit and watch the river go by!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I have been doing some major trimming on the Forsythia bush in our front yard....while I was doing that I found this bird nest! Nearly all made with little sticks.

This bush was taking over out in the front yard, and I am trying to contain it..I like that it gives us a nice screen from the highway, but it was taking over other things too

This morning I was trimming in a different area out by the road and came across this spider...I really like these spiders and they just say "late Summer"
I felt bad for disrupting it's activities, but there is plenty of cover left out there for it..

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pictures from this Week

one of the many cracks in our yard from the dry weather....we had a bit of rain Friday morning, but not nearly enough.

little green bug on a zinnia in the garden..

Also a neat spider!

small acorns on the Pin Oak is loaded and when you walk underneath it the acorns just crunch!

"live forever" on the East side of the Mae is a pretty lavender  color.

Richard has been mowing/weedeating around this clump of yellow wildflowers over by the garden..

They are so bright and cheery...I have seen lots of them by the roadsides as well.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Stocking Up

I had a dentist appt. yesterday and while we were in Jeff we went by Lowe's....In addition to a new kitchen faucet and a new bathroom faucet, we found a good deal on charcoal....they had it on sale earlier with a limit of two, but now it's on clearance and no limit. We bought ten twin was funny getting it all jammed into the car! The pink jugs are rv antifreeze, which we'll need later on to winterize the cabin..

twenty bags at eighteen and a half pounds...that is a lot of charcoal!

some in Emily's carseat!

Ah yes, had to buy a bunch of wood smoking chips too....
We got a lot of laughs and smiles on our way to the check-out and the car! It was pretty funny!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Just a few pictures from the parade....Richard, Malinda and I took Emily since Matt was home with the twins and Sarah was with Tyler on his float....we sure had a good time! It was so hot though!

Wish I had a better picture of this was soo good!

She made a haul in candy!

Gary...what a good guy!

Tyler's school did a great job on their float!

Emily was pretty hot by the time it was over!