Sunday, November 28, 2010

The return of Mr. Clippy

Yes Folks, that is right...Mr. Clippy was back at it today in church! Just like always, about every two or three weeks! It didn't seem to take him near as long this time though.....maybe because he saw some of us that blog laughing hysterically....LOL Good thing we sit in the back of church! It was TOO funny!

Had a good day...after church we went out to check on our cabin on the river...then did a craft project with our daughters...we sure enjoy our time together..........

Goodbye Thanksgiving

This is our little fall display we had near our front door....the pumpkins are thank to our daughter, who brought hers to our house since we were hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I especially like the heirloom pumpkins. I am going to save seeds from some of them and hopefully try to grow our own next year! I took down the display today, since it's time to put up the reindeer and snowman.....which I also did today. Now if I only had my tree up......and shopping done........

Latest creation

I made this clothes pin bag a few weeks ago....I hang alot of laundry outside and this is the third bag I have had on the same metal "frame"...anyway, I think I got it a little too big this time, but it'll work!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Being Thankful

I meant to write a post about being thankful earlier, but didn' here goes....
I have many reasons to be thankful...too many to list, but here is a few:

1. My amazing husband....marrying him is probably the best decision I have ever made.

2. Our wonderful daughters. I am so proud of both of them-They are both such wonderful

3. The most wonderful grandson...he has brought so much joy into our lives.

4. Two great son-in-laws.....We got really lucky with these two young men-couldn't have picked
nicer guys.

5. Our church family....wonderful support......our amazing pastor-She is simply amazing and a
good friend too.

6. My Mother and other family

7. Our grandson's babysitter-She is truly the "best" and gives such good care to her little ones.

8. Have been able to have a career for the last 31 years that for the most part I have enjoyed

9. This beautiful world God has created for us to enjoy.

10. And many, many other things.....

Hope everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

new finds!

My daughters and I made another trip to the country to one of our favoite little shops....I bought the lovely little black-eyed susan wreath (only five dollars)......I think it will look great in my kitchen. I also bought three deals made out of the tiniest roses...the larger one had a tag on it that called it a victorian kissing ball...and the two smaller ones were called victorian pomanders....just so precious. An added bonus was when I got them home I realized how good they smelled! The shop is closed for the winter now, so will be looking forward to their re-opening..

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mr. Clippy

Mr. Clippy was at church again this week. A gentlemen? sits near us in church and about every other week he decides it's a perfect time to trim his is sooooo annoying! And he must clip every nail like five times.....takes forever. He does it during the prayers and anything else that happens to be going on. Wonder if he thinks we can't hear that???

Anyway, Halloween was fun this year. I didn't get my decorations out, which I do regret, but I will make up for it next year! The grandson was alot of fun and I went to our daughter's house during trick or treating and it was fun.

November is just flying by it seems.......will be Thanksgiving before we know it....Sure have alot to be thankful for too...guess that will be another post....