Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dungeon Daze

A couple pretty tins I found in the dungeon..and a container of coasters...On the back
of the coasters there has been stamped "alcohol proof" and Made in Japan...
A few items from Nebraska...the red deal is what people used to put half gallon cartons of
milk in...has a handle on the other side, which doesn't show in the picture...half gallons at one
time came in paper cartons....this deal made it easier to pour...the yellow item was made
to hold matches...

Some kind of knife...aluminum coasters...the black metal thing was made to hang on 
the wall and hold matches...
Mermaid marked "Made in Occupied Japan"  
What an assortment! ha! Wooden toy horse, hmm deal from Puerto Rico...
The bread deal was made by a bread company and is lined with all kind of sewing needles...
The doll is made of wood...apparently home made....rather "folk art like" and I sure 
don't know the story behind it!
A leather deal to carry keys in..actually still had keys in it...and see where there is a place for
emergency nickels?
Check out that phone number!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mr. Clippy Likes Music!

Mr. Clippy "did his thing" in church again this morning! haha! He started his "project" while the song leader was explaining why there wouldn't be a choir special today...and while the song leader called for people to come up to sing an impromptu special..Anyway, The special they sang was Victory in Jesus....and does Mr. Clippy ever like that song!! He picked up the tempo and proceeded to clip his nails to the music! Sooo entertaining! haha! Might as well laugh about it!  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wild Weather

Yesterday when I got home I picked these daffodils from our yard....
Knowing that today, we were going to get this! It has been sleeting mostly, some snow, since 
seven this morning....earlier you could see some lightning flashes and hear quite a bit of
thunder!  An indoor day for us, for sure!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Dungeon Mining

Another memento from Nebraska....this case is quite small...and is now empty....Note how they had
S & H Green Stamps!

From Vienna back in the day..
Valentine's card Sarah and Tyler made for us..using his thumbprints...she "helps" him make the neatest things!
Lisa Frank Bookmark....Wow!
The back of the bookmark...I would like to go to the enchanted place where the colors of the rainbow 
have come to life! 
More Nebraska items...I can picture the Holbrook Co-Op in my mind...Not sure about 
the Morris Drug Store though...
Small tri-fold coin/key thing...has a Far East Deal on it...Picture doesn't show it, but one of the kids
wrote their name in it, so it'll go in their box!
"Never Go Broke"....I believe this was mine as a kid....and a stack of cool wooden coasters...there 
are several of them, although you can't really tell in the picture...
Cat napkin rings in a basket...picked these up at an auction (like I need to go to an auction! haha!)  Anyway,
in the background you can see a red plastic thing...those were used in cars to hold drinks...
Neat tin..
Pamphlet from Ponzer Nursery....this is where the Bicentennial trees at school came from.
More Random Fun!
Note written by Madolyn....interesting!
Several months ago I did a few posts called Freaky Friday....our younger daughter saw this and thought 
this would certainly qualify! ha! I think the yarn doll was mine as a kid.........not sure about the little
orange pan, but it's the size of a child's toy..
Have a good day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Days

We enjoyed Tyler's Third Birthday ! His Mom made him this awesome cake! And the birthday hat
came from the  sitter' is so cute! His cousin Jake seems to be enjoying the evening too!
Birthday boy!
Then this surprise was revealed!! Yay!  Actually it was revealed before the cake..
I think he was wanting to play with his gifts!
We enjoyed the evening a lot...nice meal and good company...and the best news ever!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fun

Someone wasn't really sure what I meant on my dungeon posts about "random" boxes....this is
a sample of the bottom of a random box...or in this case a cooler....not sure why I was storing
things in a cooler, but as you can see, there is a little bit of everything! haha!
This is what happens when someone thought they got out the carton of eggs marked "boiled" and tapped
the egg on the counter so they could peel it....
I got out the window clings the other day when I was keeping Tyler and we went to town putting 
hearts up for Valentine's Day...then he realized there were we have cats, cows, unicorns,
blue stars...a couple Halloween bats and Thanksgiving turkeys!
I like these two bowls......nice heavy crockery type bowls...they were Juanita's.  The brown one sits 
in the corner of our kitchen counter and is where Richard keeps his "stuff"  The blue one sits on the 
bottom of the table we got from the Kloeppel sale and is a catch-all for my random stuff....
Oh dear....the other day I was pulling something out of the cabinet and this came flying out onto the 
floor and broke in two! I used this to take temps the whole time our kids were growing up...and even 
before that!  Pretty low-tech now I suppose....
Have a fun Friday!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day..Vintage Style!

I located these vintage valentines in the dungeon.....I like the graphics and says on them!
Oops...upside down...
This is the book's cover and back page...
There were also pages in there of envelopes..and directions on how to fold/cut them.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Friday, February 8, 2013


"I'm in your tree.....stealing your birdseed!"   Dang Squirrels!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scrapbooks and a Yearbook

More dungeon mining.....I found a small box with these two scrapbooks along with an 
old yearbook from 1944
Cute puppies...both of these scrapbooks were my Mom's
Such pretty graphics!
There were quite a few pictures in both of these books....So interesting to look at!
There were a whole lot of Valentines..all pretty neat!
First day of school....some things don't change...I always took a picture on our 
daughters' first day of school also...
Valentine kitties!
Summer fun and Winter fun!
Birthday cards too!
This gum wrapper box says "Made in Japan" on it?!
I sure enjoyed looking at these two books....
The yearbook in the box was from Denison, Texas....since it was during World War II, there
were more patriotic things in this ad in the back....
The page dividers were also war-themed..
A couple other things I noticed about this book was that The Pledge of Allegiance was printed in it....without the "Under God" term...that was added later, in the 50's I think. Also the Superintendent and Principal both got a whole page devoted to well as the "Most Popular Junior Girl" and Most Popular Sophomore Boy" etc all had whole pages devoted to them!  I bet that went to their heads! haha!