Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Random Pictures

I pulled this Maple sprout out of the deck several days ago....Not a huge fan of Silver Maple trees, but isn't nature a miracle?
Neat bird nest I found while trimming one of the bushes in the Mae Yard..
Sarah had seen this play-doh container on our back deck a couple weeks ago....She had to laugh and told me I had some vintage play-doh....Sure enough, we looked on the back and it had a date of 1987 on it! I am sure everyone has 28 year old play-doh around there house!  And it's still good! I use it to plug the holes those bees make..
Spider that captured a mayfly on the door to the cabin.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

What a Week!

What a week last week was! It started off normal, but by noon on Monday, things started to change! Matt and Sarah's twins decided that would be their birthday! I was fortunate enough to be at the hospital when they were born and got to see them when they were not much more than an hour old! Will never forget that! They came a few weeks early, and are small, but so very sweet! The rest of the week was a whirlwind of hospital visits, phone calls, taking care of Tyler and Emily, etc.  So honored and blessed to be able to be included in their lives! Will have to get some pictures to put on here....

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tulip Tree

Blooms on our Tulip Poplar tree....parts of the tree were just loaded with blooms!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

More Exploring

I did some more exploring the day I went to that old building.....This place was a going concern at one time....all grown up with trees and brush now....Sure remember the smell of the charcoal smoke back in the day!  
Sure remember being in this building long ago.....I can see the tracks my bicycle tires used to make in the charcoal dust.....later on the guy that ran the place let us come out and get raw charcoal....guess  now it's called lump charcoal or redneck charcoal...
It was strange being in there.....I saw no sign that people had been in there for years.....no trash, no vandalism, etc.
Parts of the roof have fallen in.
I guess this part has totally collapsed....I didn't go any farther than this....have to save something for next time, right?
I can almost see the cordwood cutters trucks and the semis hauling slabs going by!
I saved these buildings for another time also!  So strange to see it all grown up with brush.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Old Building

While Richard was doing some work the other day I went nosing around with a camera.....dang this first two pictures needed rotated....
From the inside looking out....you can see where a car hit the building...a stolen car from what I understand...
I went on back to the bathroom.....how polite that the lid on the toilet was shut....note the toilet paper still on the holder....
There were also paper towels still on the holder..
Work gloves hanging on the pipe below the sink...
"can" of soap in the sink..
Wonder if this chair is tired of holding these concrete blocks.....
I spooked the bird that was sitting on this nest..
all the windows were broken...
And vines were growing in this one...
That car about came on into the building..
Office chair watching the traffic go by.
Patio Chef!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Town Foxes

A couple pictures I snapped of the town foxes living at the museum complex here in town.....I have seen four there.....so cute and fun to watch, but for sure not something you want going on under a building! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Out in the Yard

Some random pictures from this week in the yard.....Lovely hanging basket I got from Sarah and her family for Mother's Day....It is huge and is even pretties now than the day I took this picture....Thanks again, Sarah!
The peony plant right by our sidewalk....Huge blooms and wonderful fragrance...
Can't remember the name of this bush....there are five of them in the Mae Yard....huge bushes that need trimmed really bad...these also smell real nice..

We have a few areas of Iris....took these one morning after some rain...
little bird egg that I saw on the ground..
growing on the hickory tree..
"apple" growing on the busy that has red blooms in early Spring....the name of it escapes me right now...
It sure is a pretty time of year to get outside and enjoy the yard!