Sunday, March 31, 2013


We had a nice then the kids over for lunch and visiting...Here is the Easter Basket
we gave Tyler. He especially liked the Thomas the Train items..and the John Deere tractor and
hay wagon...can't really see them in this picture....There was also an outfit in there and a couple books.
Checking out the Thomas items!
After lunch we had an Easter Egg Hunt in the yard...we had filled the eggs with little toy dogs
our kids had when they were little and then in some eggs we put coins.
Playing in the was really pleasant out.
Easter Lily we bought for church in memory of my Dad and Richard's Mom.
Gift from Malinda....Hyacinths smell so good!
Handmade card (so cute) from Tyler...also with cheerful yellow tulips..
From Matt and Sarah...yumm-o chocolate and pistachios!
Jack taking in the sun in the backyard after everyone left.
It was a pleasant day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Egg Hunt and Palm Sunday

Here is my favorite little Easter Egg hunter at the church's egg hunt on Saturday!
Palm Sunday, mid-afternoon
Drift on the South of the house Monday morning..complete with Jack's tracks!
I know the snow is aggravating to some people, but it sure was pretty....and there is just something kind of neat about being snowed-in!

Monday, March 25, 2013


I started cleaning out the linen closet this morning...which led to digging around in the two large
totes in the garage that had sheets, towels, etc for the cabin....That is actually where this 
beach towel was...This was mine as a child...
Two towels sewed together to make a pillowcase...vintage 1970's
Sheets we got for our wedding...more proof I don't throw things away! Actually, they are
still in decent shape!
This is two sheets sewed together...I always really liked this pattern...soft pastel colors.
I think this is the only quilt my Grandma made...teeny tiny pieces. I believe the pattern is called
"flower garden"??
Detail of quilt.
This one I am going to take a better picture of tomorrow...I think it came from my Aunt Dixie when
she lived in Hawaii...It is so colorful!
Two afghans my Mom made, also very colorful!
Quilt I pieced when I was in my early is huge. I hired someone to machine quilt it.
Quilt I bought at an auction.
Wedding ring quilt....belonged to my Grandparents, unsure of it's origin.
I think my Grandma bought this at a church auction maybe?  It is trimmed in red..
Chenille bedspread....I think this came from my aunt's mother-in-law?  The picture doesn't do it
justice as the snow was reflecting in the house and made it looked washed out. It is actually a soft
shade of yellow and I really like it. Will use it on the spare bed this Spring/Summer, as I have before.
Details of the chenille spread.

Have no idea where this came from. It appears it was perhaps a pillowcase at one time...
Vintage Fall tablecloth. hopefully I will remember where this is next Thanksgiving!
Four placemats I made as a 4-H or Home Ec project...Some of this fabric still looks familiar to me!
I have a couple other quilts but they are downstairs in a cedar chest, so will be a post for another day!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Springtime Snow

Sock Monkey wants to go fishing! haha!
Sock Monkey pretending he is cruising around the lake!
Daffodils in the snow.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Week in Review

My Great-Grandfather's wallet....much smaller in person than it looks in this picture!
We were at a Bass Pro earlier in the week and Richard said he and Tyler needed this! haha!
From Great-Grandma Alber...these were what was in the bag on a previous post...this is a pretty 
good sized item...and is in really good shape...
This is actually only probably four inches across...such quality work!
Tatted trim on a pink ladies hankie..
Not sure what this is....I thought it was a doll dress, but the hole is only about 

the size of a pencil, so I am not sure!
Little ring box...only about an inch square..
Getting ready to cook for the church's nurture dinner on Sunday..
Was sure a nice day today....I washed the outside windows and put up the screens....Spring is on the way!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catching Up

I am finally getting around to catching up on here! Last week I went through the drawer of
my cedar chest that my parents got me for my high school graduation..A chest I really like!
As you can see, there is quite a variety of things stashed into the drawer....
There were several old coins in the little cedar box....Not sure the story behind any of the rest.
This is neat and will be brought upstairs and displayed in some way....I think another picture
is in order also, as this doesn't really show how neat it is..
The little green glass thing is an was part of a set of four..the rest are in a tote with 
my suncatchers and pretty glass things I put in the windows in the Winter...I have always liked
the little straw flower....and I saw a plate on Pinterest like the one with the gold/browns...
wooden cat....and the graduation tassels from both my high school and college graduations....yes, I 
never throw anything away! Ha!
Little gadget that holds perfume and then is heated with a candle to scent up a the 
end of the chain is a tiny ladle..
Dog? made out of cockle burrs and the background are glass containers that Listerine
and Vaseline came in...And see the bug on the tail of the dog?? Hmm don't think that is supposed to
be there...eons ago this poor bug picked the wrong thing to crawl on! haha!

block of stamps
Birthday angel with broken wings....
This was in the dungeon...I plan on playing this with Tyler when he is ready for it.
Random animal candles I have come across in several different boxes...oh, and on the far right is
a little stuffed cat that I always called my wampus is missing the little bead in it's eye now.
Sweet Tyler last week when he stayed with us and wasn't feeling good...
Crocus...taken today in our front yard.
And Daffodils.
the wet weather creek just North of the cabin....we got quite a bit of rain this morning and 
when we went to check the cabin late this afternoon, Richard took this picture....