Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sunday in Pictures

Lots of Sycamore leaves already on the ground....
The butterflies really like the zinnias..
Pretty clouds...
This was taken from the back of church....moon coming up through a dead tree..
From church...looking South..
Really friendly cat....I think it was maybe dumped?
When we got to church there were two water patrol trucks with boats...and they left one of their boats there.
I think the cat had been visiting them also!
Maybe someone was lucky and got some rain out of this!
Fire in the sky!
This is Jack when we got home.....laying on the top of the hood of the truck...Jack can lay where he wants!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lost and Found at the River

Steps to the river....this picture was taken last weekend...it's actually a bit lower than that now..
Last Saturday, Richard, Sarah, Tyler and I were swimming in front of the cabin and our neighbor's son and two friends were swimming in front of their cabin as well....music playing, drinking, etc....They crossed the river  and set up beer can targets on a log and proceeded to shoot at them with a pellet gun....and if that wasn't bad enough, then they started using a 22 pistol!  At some point they decided to make a beer run.
When they came back one of them was looking for something....we could hear them saying "look under
the seat" and stuff like that....anyway, after we got out of the water they were also out of the water and 
started shooting at stuff by their cabin.  I didn't really feel like we were in any danger, just thought it was really rude....and of course alcohol and firearms really isn't a good mix.   When we left they all looked 
pretty dejected and grumpy.....of the two we saw when we left only one even waved at us!   When we got to the top of the hill we had to stop to open a gate (another story) anyway, I got out and opened the gate, 
Richard drove through and stopped then Sarah drove through and stopped to wait for me to close the gate. She jumped out of her vehicle and said well, look at this!  It was a guy's wallet...belonged to the guy that 
waved at us....which by the way was also the guy with the pistol.  Clipped to the outside of his wallet was
his driver's license and a personal check written to him for over $10,000..apparently someone was paying
off a loan he had given someone.  Richard wouldn't let us nose through his stuff, but there was alot of stuff in there, including the one card we did pull out, an American Express Gold Card....Since Richard wouldn't let us nose through the guys stuff, Sarah went on and Richard took it back down there to them...He said they 
were pretty dang excited to see it....while he was gone I took some pictures...most of them I deleted for some reason, but here are the ones I still have.......an old collapsing barn.....

The road to good times!
Old barbed wire encased in an Elm tree.
Where the old meets the new....a story for another day!
When we got home I searched for the kid  whose wallet we found.....not really at kid at age 34....old enough to know better anyway.  He is some sort of big-wig at a bank in St. Louis.  I would say he has done very well for himself career wise.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July

The girls and I went to a small auction here in town a couple weeks ago...the only thing  I bought was a box of misc. Christmas stuff...
These have seen better days!
Made in the USA!
A strand of pearly looking garland....
candles in glitter covered glasses.....went straight to the Goodwill box!
Old strands of lights...also destined for Goodwill!
My Grandparents used to have some of these satin covered ornaments...
These are one of the two reasons I bought the box...
These shiny-brites are big...about the size of softballs...
And made in West Germany
This little box was the other reason I bought it...
More old ornaments..
Also made in West Germany...
The box had different drawings on both sides of it..
A K Mart special and worth a laugh for sure.....
I know there is something for everyone....this is just too...colorful...for me! haha I plugged it in and it didn't work...
Most of the box ended up going to Goodwill....but it was fun to go through it!