Monday, October 31, 2016

Random Pictures

This morning I decided to eliminate the Moss Rose plants in this stone water trough..They were not pretty anymore and I wanted to put some pumpkins on is a before picture.

and after!  I added some old deer antlers too...
When Richard was working on a survey in St Elizabeth the other day I took a picture of this being towed through town...

I saw these two little items at the VFW dinner at Argyle Sunday...The little horse caught my eye first,  and then of course the little girl had to come along. They are both made in Japan.

also bought this quart of pickles...they look so good!

Mute Monday

Sunday, October 30, 2016

This Week

The big cosmos in our front yard finally started blooming....the rest have been blooming for a long time.....Not sure why these grew such huge stalks and didn't bloom until now. Guess it's a good thing we haven't had a frost yet, or they wouldn't have bloomed at all!

I took these pictures a few days ago after we got a tiny amount of rain...

The Geraniums are also blooming so nicely...

Have two of these bushes in the corner of our yard

Warty gourd!

Vine/seed pod on the garden fence.

I was clearing some vines out away from the peonies in the garden fence and found this huge gourd....the tiny one I found next to the zinnias...

Friday, October 28, 2016

Jefferson City

We had some business in Jeff earlier this week. After that we had lunch uptown and then walked down to the Governor's Mansion.  Such a nice display of Fall flowers and decor....Love the fence too!

I believe the sign said it was built in 1871. I went on the tour one time with a school group. Pretty nice!

View of the capitol from the East

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gourds Gone Wild

We had a gourd plant "volunteer" in July or the garden fence...It promptly grew like crazy, climbed I am guess 15 feet+ up into a tree.....see the big one hanging there?

Here it is...

and it has two more smaller friends nearby...
Have no idea how we are going to harvest these.....maybe we'll leave them there to see what happens!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sunday at the River

well, actually this picture of a bird nest I took today....I just really like little bird nests...this one was in the Rose of Sharon bushes on the West side of the Mae house.

We took the boat out Sunday afternoon....beautiful day weather-wise. we only saw one other boat.  The river was up and brown again...chocolate milk as some call it. Seems it has been that way so much this Summer..One time when Emily saw it this Summer not brown she was just amazed....Not chocolate milk today she said,  The trees were prettier than these pictures show, but still hadn't peaked and I suspect were probably prettier today.  This is at the bottom of Henderson Eddy, looking downriver towards Terry Chutes/Johnson Island

and again, this time showing more reflection of the trees in the water

Looking down Davis Eddy.......disappointing the water was so brown.....Love it when it's green/clear. This time of year we like to float along and study on the bottom of the river and perhaps watch some fish..

towards the bottom of Davis Eddy, looking upriver

and downriver, towards Spring Creek
Sure was a nice afternoon and a good way to spend a few hours!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lil' Drowsy Beans

We had Emily yesterday for the day, just because we can and wanted to. Here are some of the many faces of Emily with the Drowsy Beans dolls...

My favorite one..

When our first daughter was born, our neighbor brought over the pink one as a gift....and when our second daughter was born she searched though her house and found a blue one. Our girls loved these dolls when they were little.

There are the Beansy dolls photobombing! That chair they are in was from my Nebraska Grandparents. Our kids always called it the "Jesus Chair" I supposed because it looks like something you might see in a church. We brought it upstairs recently for extra seating  when we had company and Emily has named it the "Princess Chair"  In this picture Emily is sitting on a little stool that belonged to my Great-Grandma Alber.  it usually sits in the corner where the Jesus/Princess Chair is now and is used by Emily to climb up onto the bed.

Emily modeled several poses on it yesterday!

We had fun taking pictures with it!

Sock Monkey had to get it on the action!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Fun Visit!

We enjoyed a nice visit from my Mom the last two weeks! Wish I would have taken more pictures! Gary, a good friend stopped by for a nice visit....was fun listening to the stories of good times and getting caught up.

We went to see another friend's new place and took a picture of the old place.....sooo interesting! Had a good visit there also....such a peaceful place.

Traveled North some to visit two more friends..sock monkey came along, see him? Isn't their fall display so special?  

monkey and his new friends!  We had a wonderful lunch and some great visiting before we headed home . Mom stayed there and they brought her home another day.

sock monkey meeting kitty!

We cooked quite a bit more than usual while she was here...had different people for dinner different nghts/days. These are the twice baked potatoes we had on our steak lunch day.

Back in town again!

Jack always heads for this little green jar...I keep it on the bottom of that table behind them....the cat food is also right behind them....he decided it would be fun to fill the jar with cat food a couple times..he carries it around and is so proud of it.

that Emily...she sure is a sweetie.

I had Mom sit in the front on the way to the airport so she could see the scenery better....sock monkey was looking too...We sure enjoyed having her here..the days passed too fast!

After our good-byes at the airport, we went to the local Conservation Nature Center....MDC always does things up right and it was a neat place. Walking to the car afterwards I spotted an SUV with Nebraska plates...It was bought in McCook, near where my relatives live! Small world!

We ate dinner in Lebannon at this place.....the fish was very good....BBQ was average, but the fish would make it worth stopping there again.
Has been quiet around here since she left....We will look forward to her next visit!