Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yet another mess

I took some time today to move some small items out of the areas where the new floor will be. Wow...everything was so dusty! Should clean things as I move them and put them somewhere else for the time being....but no.......that would make too much sense! so now things are crammed and put places they don't belong and are covered with dust too! Sometimes I wonder why I don't take the time to do it right! I cleaned out one basket in the living room that is a catch-all.....let's see...in there were medical and other papers from 2008......travel brochures from 2009.....other assorted papers....a couple pieces of unopened mail...some papers from work from six months ago....several magazines....several recipes...well, you get the picture! At least the basket is empty for the time being! Bet it doesn't stay that way long!

After work today I went to a neighboring town to a lumber yard to pick out new baseboard since ours will have to be removed. Some of it is pretty scraped up and messed up so we are replacing it. They gave me a couple choices.....one that was nearly three times more expensive than the other one...I picked the cheaper one and amazingly I think it is exactly the same as the baseboard we put in the house when we built it 22 years ago.... the more things change the more they stay the same! lol

Monday, August 30, 2010

Floor planning

We got some measuring and planning done tonight in preparation of getting the new floor laid.....Hate making decisions that I will have to live with for a long time...

Enjoyed going to the local Friends of the Library book sale today......

Prettty evening out tonight.....sat outside in the dark for a little while and just enjoyed the warm breeze and looking at the stars.

Saw a little blue tail that came off a lizard on our sidewalk today....was going to take a picture of it to post, but before I could do that the dog had stepped on it and messed it up.........I was always fascinated to see the lizards lose their tails when startled or messed with....I imagine it's a pretty effective way for lizards to get away from predators.............or annoying kids that are messing with them like I probably did when I was a kid! lol Another one of nature's miracles!

Redneck Fridge

Oh my.....a view of one of the crispers of my refrigerator....let's see....a pound of carrots...a package of tortillas...and yep, two packages of worms. Doesn't everyone have worms stored next to their carrots? lol I am pretty sure my old home ec teacher wouldn't approve of that! Maybe I should just go fishing instead of going to work tomorrow?


Love the pretty butterflies!

Dragonfly I found in my husband's parking lot at work......far left is this awesome spider that built a big web in our garage....it goes down in it's "funnel" whenever I get too close..........hmmm guess I should eliminate it since it is in the garage??

We put both the Hercules Beetles on a zinnia.....

Love the yellow garden spider! Every year about this time I locate at least one of them and always enjoy watching them as their life cycle progresses.........just like Charlotte's Web!

The female Hercules Beetle sitting on a deer antler!

I just love things in nature! All so wonderful and different....amazing!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Late Summer Weekend

Had a real nice weekend......lots of good quality time with our kids...sure proud of both of them. They have grown up to be good people, and it's fun to spend time with them! And of course the grandson is wonderful too! And the spouses of our children are top-notch..........feel so blessed and life is good!

The husband and I went to a neighboring town Saturday and picked up new flooring for a large portion of our house.....I still liked the old flooring, but like most everything else in here was 22 years old and had seen better days. We decided to put down laminate/ceramic tile.....I think we will like it alot and will post pics whenever we get it installed.

Enjoyed going to church today, working on some projects here at home, made a visit to the river, had a nice visit with our children/grandson, and now am winding down for a real nice weekend....You can tell fall is coming, there is a different slant to the sun and the days are getting shorter. Will soak up all the goodness these late summer days have to offer.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Granny Time

Well, today is my last day of keeping the grandson while the sitter is off......and I go back to work.

Will be kind of sad to pack up his little toys his mommy brought for him to play with while I was keeping him...and next week when I am back at work I will be remembering what fun it was to take care of him. I am so grateful that I was able to spend so much extra time with him...I get to see him nearly everyday anyway (and I know how lucky I am for that) but this was extra special because of the extended time. He is a special little guy and his parents are doing a super job with him!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Granny Time

I am sure enjoying my Granny Time today! Little one is such a sweetie! Have been thinking also about next week when he will be back at his sitter's house and I will be back at work! Yikes!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Gold finch...that's what it is called. I knew yellow finch wasn't right...guess the heat is cooking my brain!

River Time

Enjoyed a real nice evening at the river last night with family....good food and a good visit......was a little warm though.

Have been enjoying my zinnias alot. I haven't planted zinnias in several years, but this year decided to go with them instead of marigolds for my beds....am glad I did. The butterflies just love them.....and the other day I spotted a yellow finch on them. Such a pretty bird. It was picking off the petals of a flower one by one. Suppose it was eating the seeds?

Ready for some cooler weather, that's for sure!

Have been enjoying more extra time with the grandson today. He has been real good today.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The great fall, second edition

Having another fun day with the grandson!

We went to the river last night to finish getting things ready for company...then decided to go swimming....which was fine except when we went to climb back up the river bank.. which is quite steep.....My husband was trying to help me, but I didn't have one the right kind of shoes and I feel down.....I am sure it was quite a sight....I ended up crawling the rest of the way up the bank..lol.......Just a little sore today....after all, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!! lol
Will be more careful in the future!

Looking forward to some more time with our grandson this weekend, getting some things ready for going back to work, church, and visiting with some family that will be here for the weekend..should be a good weekend!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am spending some extra time this week and next being Granny.....My grandson's sitter is off till the 16th and I am going to help watch him. It has been a fun day! Looking forward to the extra time I will have with him....The little guy is such a good-natured baby..

Can't believe I have to go back to work in a little over a week!! The summer has gone by soo fast...but they all do..

Still stirring the paint every now and then...it's a long process!

I have been enjoying some river time also......soo hot here that the river is the place to be...