Thursday, August 23, 2012

Totally Random Pictures

Look how low the pond is at our "farm"!  I was surprised it even had water in it...
I have seen some ponds that are dried up!
Neat old building in the Dry Creek area.....
Having fun at the park!
Chocolate! Box of chocolates Richard sent me...neat box too!
He is just too nice, isn't he?
Water tower.....soon to be gone....
Looking North up Main Street on Tuesday evening..
Deer on East side of river Tuesday evening.
Looking upriver from the 42 bridge.
And downriver....both pictures taken Tuesday evening.
From card class Tuesday night.
Magnetic note "holder" made from a mousetrap!
Another card from this week's class..

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday at the River

Pictures from Sunday afternoon at the cabin....You can tell Autumn is not too far away 
from the leaves in the river..
Flower near where I found the crawdad house.
View looking downriver...
And upriver...
Tyler enjoys playing with the trucks and trailers at the cabin!
They are vintage!
Look at the grass....still so dry.
Always so happy and fun to have around...
It was sure a nice afternoon to be there....very relaxing.