Wednesday, December 30, 2015


We both walked down over the bluff today.....there were areas like this in the woods....where the leaves had been swept away by all the rain. This area is right behind the cabin.

Water has crested and come down some...set a new record...Not sure how deep it got inside..will measure when we can get in there. Picnic table floating in the background.

Wonder if the water/mud is still dripping out the door...

up at our neighbors..their strands of lights..and see the pink flamingo further out? Those things survived the 2013 flood.....perhaps they will get tangled out there and survive this one too...
The clean up will begin soon!

63 Bridge..Tuesday Afternoon

These pictures were taken on the 29th.  It has now crested with a new record high...just a shade higher than the 2013 flood.

Taken from up on the bluff

and now the clean-up will begin for a whole lot of people.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon

River is still rising...Richard climbed over the bluff hill again today and took these pictures...I will make the trek with him tomorrow....When we got home we saw that they had raised the crest to 33 ft. the record, set just over two years ago, was 31.8 or something like we are going to have some clean up to do.

the neighbors

pump house in disarray..floating by it is their white picket fence they had put up along the bank

Hope they don't lose their bobber/lure lights..I thought those were so cute.

The next guy up the road...this place has never flooded and I don't think it will this time either.

pavilion all the way under now.
We also took some bridge pictures, which I will try to get posted later.

Monday, December 28, 2015

24 Hours Later

These were taken almost exactly 24 hours after the ones we took on Sunday...Richard walked down over the bluff/hill to see how things were going....It is not done rising, so we'll see tomorrow how it's looking..

Our neighbors place....He has lots of things underneath his cabin that will likely float around/be gone. Hope it doesn't get in his place either....

The old cabin from atop the bluff....still high and dry.

The pavilion is nearly all the way under water.

Hwy 63 bridge 

Road that would lead to our place.

the highway had been closed already at this time..we did see a truck go over and a bit later saw a highway patrol vehicle go over....I got a picture of it going back....I guess the water wasn't very deep on the highway yet..
Will probably go down and check things out again tomorrow...

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Rising River

If you want to see what we did to get the cabin ready for this, scroll down to the previous post..These pictures were taken today around four in the afternoon....looking upstream at the Hwy 63 bridge..

located near our cabin....eventually this will be all the way under water..

water on the road and in the "flat" area at our cabin.....wish it wouldn't get any higher! ha!

From our neighbor's patio area....those copper lights have been through several floods! It will be the first flood for the fishing bobber lights....hope they are high enough to survive!

You can see an orange truck on the bridge in the background..the water covered area on the left is the "low road" that goes to the boat ramp.

on the hill above Moreland's Resort..we were standing on the very end of what used to be Hwy 63....looking upstream.

Looking East across the river. you can see the other end of old hwy 63... You can also see a camper that was pulled out..

End of the road...haha...end of old hwy can see a layer on concrete and a couple layers of asphalt...
We are just hoping it doesn't get in the cabin...Feel bad for those that already have water in them!

Prepping the Cabin

We went down to the cabin around noon on Saturday to prep the cabin for high water...just in the time what they were projecting would not have gotten in there, but we were afraid it would be like it was in 2013, when they just kept raising the projection. We sure hope we wasted our time doing this! Ha! Today what they have projected will probably get in there, just barely, maybe an inch? we'll see....but as you can tell we are as ready as we can be!

Looks like a good plan, right? Just hoping we did all this for nothing....even though it will be a hassle to move everything back, it'll be nothing compared to cleaning up mud!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

The calm before the storm?

Molly enjoyed our Christmas Day outing to the river!

Looking to get a lot of rain and high water, so we went down yesterday and tied up the picnic tables...sure hope it doesn't get too bad..

Looking South down Main Street...late on Christmas Day,