Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Pictures

Turkey I saw this morning....She also had several of her offspring with her, but they didn't make it into the picture. We have been hearing turkeys on our place since early Spring, and have even seen one a couple times...
Worm finishing up his project on the Cypress can see his head sticking out!  Wonder if these are bad for the tree?  There were probably four of them on there....
Killdeer nest at our church parking lot...Mama bird was just outside of the picture...You can sure tell how well the eggs hide....I am starting to wonder if they are ever going to hatch though...
Praying Mantis that is spending this hot week on our screen door....You can see in the background how dry/brown our yard is!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bob and Ralph Make a Creek

Earlier this morning Bob and Ralph came down and turned on the fire hydrant...I guess to check out or flush the lines.....They made a nice creek!
The creek ran down the highway/ditch....
Parts of it were kind of like a waterfall!
Wish I could have somehow use this water on my garden!
The creek across the driveway...
Washing around the cedar trees..
Jack looking all psycho!  haha actually, I just caught him in a yawn...
Jack enjoying the sounds of the water!
You could feel the coolness and spray from the water....It actually did sound like a rushing creek.
This went on for close to 45 minutes...
Cherry tomatoes!
It was so pleasant out this morning....seems we are in for some hot weather though!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Totally Random Items

These first two pictures were given to me by my brother and his wife. The first one is called "The Prairie is My Garden"  I think...anyway, there are four smaller ones that go with this big one, but I don't have them.  My Nebraska Grandparents had this displayed in their South room, the way I recall anyway....
This second picture is hand-stitched embroidery and belonged to my Mo. Grandparents.
This was a Christmas gift that finally got hung a couple weeks ago! I will have fun changing the pictures from time to time!
Richard cut this section of vine for me down at the river this weekend....I think it's neat and I plan on hanging it horizontally in the cabin.
Saturday evening.....bird on a dead limb...looking down river from cabin.
Bluebird feathers found in the Mae yard...
Pea pod on the sweet pea vine out by the road....
Two posts between us and the neighbor that serve no purpose! haha

First Tomatoes

We have had some ripe cherry tomatoes already, but they gotten eaten before taking a picture.....they are so good......I was looking forward to having some "real" tomatoes by the 4th of July, which we don't always have some by then. .....Last night Richard went over to get the water hoses ready and looked at the tomatoes that were ripening...sure enough, never fails some critter got to them first!

Mute Monday

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Week in Flowers

Chicory is really blooming now...this first one was really more of a pink, although it doesn't look that way in the picture......
I have been watching this Tiger Lily getting ready to bloom on the West side of the Mae House.....the first one bloomed today!
Some kind of double daylily  from our yard....
Zinnia from by our garage...
Phlox on the West side of the Old Jail...Have some of this on the West side of the Mae House too, but it's not blooming yet.
Have a great Friday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bob and Ralph Return

Apparently the water guys were back down here Monday testing out the hydrant.  Looks like it was on all the way....washed up all under the cedars by the fence even.  
It appears there was quite a stream of water crossing the driveway...which washed away all the clay dirt.
This is not the driveway.....wonder how we are supposed to mow this?  I am assuming they are coming back to fix this.....otherwise I have lots of rocks to pick up.
They hadn't fixed this driveway correctly can see in this last picture what happened when we drove our truck through there before the hydrant flushing...they just left a thick layer of clay on the driveway...and whenever it rained we would be leaving big ruts.
And we thought we were done with Bob and Ralph!