Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Tree

I put our Christmas Tree up on Saturday.........ooops broke an ornament! it was one of the "nice" ones too!

not my best work, but it'll do. Went with the red/silver/gold ornaments and white lights this year will be multi-colored lights and the Hallmark, etc ornaments.

Jack the Cat always loves it when the tree gets put up...his new sleeping spot until January!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Freaky Friday

Two dolls I came across in the dungeon recently. One is missing an arm, the other's eyes are all messed up...and do you think I actually threw them away? Of course not! Ha!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Misc Old Stuff

I was downstairs the other day and took a few pictures.....This is a toy horse, stuffed animal I guess, that I had as a kid....still has the rope around it's neck I put on there...note the yarn for mane/tail and the button eyes..

afghan that we used in the house when I was a kid...this sure takes me back! I like the colors and chevron is back in style!

I do not know where this doll came from....This is before I gave it a bath..

I always loved these pillows...kept them on my bed when I was a girl...a soft velvet-like fabric...and prettier than the picture shows...

All cleaned up!

Pretty little face...someone worked hard embroidering that..

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

Here are some vintage turkey candles I brought up from the dungeon....

They are Gurley candles..the writer of one blog I read goes crazy for Gurley candles.......When my Mom gave me these there was also an Indian boy and girl and a Pilgrim boy and girl...Can't find them now....must be in the dungeon somewhere. Surely I didn't burn them!

old turkey on the left...a blue turkey actually! I bought the one on the right this year at the Dollar Tree as a joke for Sarah, since she doesn't like them...Wow, it is much more elaborate than the old one! And yes, it only cost me a dollar!

My good friend gave me, not Thanksgiving, but isn't it grand? love stuff like this!

Two small turkey candles.........they were glad to see the light of day! They get to come out of hiding in the dungeon every November!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Freaky Friday

I think I may have had these on here any rate I do believe they qualify for Freaky Friday! They have been in a basket in the playroom since being cleaned up. Monday I stupidly took a load of misc items back down to the basement, and these were in it. I should "move these on" to a new "home"

Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Little Pony

Our girls had  a lot of My Little Ponies...I had done this post earlier in the Summer, but as I was finishing it I lost it all...text and pictures, so just now getting it on here....of course in the meantime many of the ponies has strayed from the herd. Especially the little mini ones. Perhaps when I round them all up I will put them on here.

Some of them I used a hair conditioner/water mixture to tame their manes/tails. It got to be an impossible project, so I decided some could remain wild and free! Ha!

Oh yes,there were even My Little Kitties......

Got this at a yard sale back in the day

Some of the mini ones.........lots of these are missing. The pink one in the very front was their favorite....suppose we had some arguments over that one haha

Huge pile of combs/brushes too
Our girls really did play with these a lot. Pretty sure there were some of them that even made trips to the river to play in the water!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Morning

We took a trip down to look at the high water at the cabin this morning. These are our neighbor's steps...see that in the water?

yes, it is a canoe. Can't understand why they left that tied up down there, knowing sooner or later the river would come up.

Little clump of fungi under a leaf.

After we did that, we took a gravel road through the Spring Creek area..see the deer? My eyes were blinded by the sun and I didn't get a very good picture..
We enjoyed our little tour and you could sure tell there had been a lot of rain!

Vintage Stuff

Been in the dungeon again...Doesn't this light fixture just scream 1980's?? Haha yeah, this is the box that our hallway light fixtures came outdated and super hard to clean! Amazing I still have the box! 27 years!

pretty detail on a ladies glove.

 A couple scarves and a ladies handkerchief.

Funny story on was unbuttoned and looked like an apron of some sort..when I tried to figure out how it "worked" I realized/remembered that it was actually a bonnet...

Two of my dolls...the Kewpie doll on the right has a leg that has become disconnected and I should try to get that fixed. They are laying on a little nine patch thing someone made.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Vintage Levis

Here is a vintage Levi's jacket from around 1975...I used to love this jacket! It says on the tag it's a size small. I am thinking their sizing is a bit different now! I can't believe I ever could have worn a small..anyway, a neat deal and who knows what I should do with it now!

A vintage levi's backpack from the same pristine condition. I really should try to find a home for these things!

Friday, November 6, 2015

When Men Shop

Richard had the idea yesterday to go over to Hermann to buy some sausage. We enjoyed the drive over there...Had lunch at the Silver Dollar in Swiss..We have been to the Swiss Meat and Sausage Store before, but a couple guys told him about this place in Hermann and he wanted to check it out. Both stores are good...the one in Swiss may have more of a selection, and the one in Hermann may be set up a bit more for all the tourists they get there.  Anyway, here is his haul for the day:

he said he needed to stock up for deer season and the holiday season.

Now all he needs are some good cheeses and he'll be ready! Ha!

We took a side trip on the way home and went through Frankenstein..beautiful Catholic Church there!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wednesday Visitor

We had a late-migrating monarch in our yard yesterday afternoon...It stayed around for a long time, going from the zinnias to impatience and back and forth.......and generally flying around. So pretty! I sure hope it gets to Mexico before it gets too cold!  Sorry for so many pictures, I deleted half of what I took and decided just to publish the rest of them!

Tuesday's Visitor

We had a visitor to the yard Tuesday afternoon...I was in our bedroom putting some laundry away and saw this armadillo coming across the Mae came on into our yard...........investigating everything along the way...

weird creature!

It came clear up to the deck...finally Jack got off the deck and chased it away...Molly just looked at it!