Friday, April 29, 2011

Freaky Friday

Well, not sure what to say about this! Except that it is rather disturbing and it's not in my house!

Have a great weekend! Beautiful day here in Missouri!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's blooming?

Lots and lots of Columbine.....always blooms in connection to Prom....have quite a bit of this in our yards...naturalizes easily!
Sweet Gum tree leafing out...including little baby sweet gum balls!

Wild Geranium my childhood friend brought me from her yard last year....So excited that it bloomed!

Baby Pin Oak leaves

Our Bleeding Hearts did so good this year!

Bought this last year at a nursery. Have one bunch growing on the east side of the house, and one bunch on the south side.

New purchase this year...planted on the east side of the house...Some kind of fancy Columbine.

Some variety of honeysuckle bush, I think. Used to be one on each side of the Mae porch, but only the one on the west side is still alive. This bush is the absolute first thing we have to show green or leaf out every year.

Planted this tree last year, the year our grandson was born. It's a Bald Cypress. located in the Mae yard.

Close-up of a spirea bush in the Mae yard. When I was little I think I used these as flower bouquets for my dolls!

That's it for the what is blooming tour for this week. Things sure seem to change fast this time of year!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday at the River

Sunday afternoon after our Easter festivites my husband and I went down to the cabin on the river to get it ready for some high water. I took several pictures. This one is on the way down there....really doesn't do the dogwoods justice, they have been just amazing this year.

Another shot heading down the road.

Still going down the road, as you can see are just loaded with blooms this year.

I think this is some sort of wild phlox? Several clumps of this are growing at the base of the stairs to the cabin.

Moved some items underneath the cabin and uncovered these cute little salamanders. I sure hope they found another safe place to go.

Wild mustard?

Mayapple bloom....also called umbrella plants

The neighbor's stairs....starting to float yet again. I imagine they are floating alot higher now, as the river has come up alot since we were out there yesterday.

Dogwood tree up by the green cabin.

Wild Geraniums growing in front of the green cabin. There are literally thousands of these plants scattered about.

More wild geraniums

Close-up of the geraniums

Pretty yellow flowers...don't know the name...........

hmm....Robin's something maybe?

Old vines twisting around on a big tree........

wow.....may have overdone things with the dogwoods.....

Showing the buckeye tree blooming..... apparently I should have either zoomed in or gotten out of the truck! ha!

On the road leaving...getting ready to go up the hill

So pretty....

Back home now....a sample of another wildflower my Mom and I got off a vacant lot up town...has spread to lots of different areas down here at our house....

Hope you enjoyed the Easter tour of our trip to the river!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hide-n-Seek Dinosaur

We were straightening up the red garage a couple weeks ago and I came across this dinosaur.....then I got myself a piece of baling string and decided to hang it in a tree. Pretty twisted, right? Anyway, I am going to move it from time to time so people will never know when they are going to come across Mr. Dino. A person will just be walking around in the yard and then all of a sudden-BAM there will be the hanging dino! Strange, I know! Doesn't take much to entertain me! Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gift of Flowers

Have been meaning to get this posted....our older daughter sent some flowers to work for me in honor of my upcoming retirement. Such a pretty Spring bouquet! It was an unexpected and lovely thing for her to do!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Battery/notepad overload

Ah yes, Have been cleaning out another cabinet....This time it was the "lazy susan" turnaround cabinet, which should be renamed the "lazy me" cabinet! I do believe we have enough batteries! I organized these and found a drawer in the "computer room" for helped getting the weight of these..and other things ....out of the cabinet. It now turns sooo much easier! Here is the notepad overload! I am thinking seven blocks of notepads is a few too many. I am now looking for new homes for some of them.....and I hereby promise to not pick anymore free notepad blocks up!

Yes, all three of these staplers were also in there....good grief!

Now the cabinet has quite a bit of open....clear...nothing in! Wonder how long that will last? I can tell you....not long enough! Ha!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What is blooming!

These pictures are from a week ago....I just walked around the yard and took some pictures of things that happened to be blooming! This is like a double daffodil I think......growing on the east side of the Mae House.
Also on the east side of the Mae House.....a clump of gooseberry bush growing in an old maple tree.
Ruler of the universe!
Lots of this growing everywhere in the yard! Redbud tree the background is this cool bushes we got from my parents' house with tiny white flowers.

I love the way the lilacs smell! I am not sure, but this may be called some kind of quince??
Sugar Maple blooming
Grape Hyacinths that have naturalized in the Mae yard
Can't think of the name of this right flowers. My Mom and I saved these out of a brushpile the city workers made before they burned it.

Bleeding Hearts..........these are blooming even better now! Ever tried Redbud blooms in your salad?
Another shot of the white bushes!
Maybe called snowdrops? We have a couple clumps of these.

Sure enjoy the sights and smells of Spring!