Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We went to the river Tuesday morning to look was such a warm morning!
This is a stick near the campfire pit..
At the boat ramp looking downriver..
There was a turnip floating in the water! I thought that was pretty strange!
Molly fetching sticks...she is such a good dog!
We came home and had lunch, then a while later the storms came!
So I went to the dungeon and got out the last box from the area that I had been working in...
An old fishing bobber thing...the blue swan says it was Lola's...smallest pitcher says 
Juanita Mexico 1942 I think it was..
I am liking this pitcher a lot! I believe it was Juanita's.
Large pink depression glass bowl..and I think the clown was made by Grandma Alber..
Celery dish with pretty flowers.
Sugar and Creamer that belonged to my Great-Great Grandparents...
Will have to find a new area in the dungeon to "mine" now!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Last of the Box

These items were actually in the back of a small box labeled "Mom's Letters" meaning 
Grandma Frieda's letters...I have been trying to separate out the Nebraska things from
the Missouri things...anyway, this is a pretty random assortment of things...mostly from
Missouri...and I sure could have done a better job photographing them!
The rest of this was in the boxes I opened this weekend....
There were A LOT of postcards...not even going to try to put them all on here!
Sweet birthday cards to my Dad from his Grandma..
and the insides..
Found assorted pictures as well...
Late this afternoon we took a short drive on a county road...I sure would like to go 
explore this place! 

Sunday Stuff

Cute squirrel eating some stale bread we threw out...
Sunday evening sunset....taken by Richard on the 42 bridge.
looking upriver...river is low and clear..
I took two more boxes out of the dungeon today....this is a partial sampling...
Pinky (the dog)  Had hours and hours of fun with this little dog....My brother had one
called Blackie and we played with them so much it is worn down to the bare fabric.
The big green bowl was also in the box....and see the blue thing in the plastic underneath
that? That is my High School Graduation cap....yeah, can't throw anything away!
No idea about this doll...other than I need to try to clean it's eyes to see what is going on 
with that..
Neat plant hanging thing...
Nebraska scarf....won't be going back into the dungeon.....
Of the two boxes, one was labeled "Juanita papers" so won't be posting much more from these two boxes,
but will do a bit more on them..


Good Morning!  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Randoms

Richard was cleaning around in the "red shed" one day and found these objects....the spoon
cleaned up nicely and so did that cute glass bottle with the stopper-type lid!
I switched out our front table this past week...will use this one here for  awhile, just to 
change things up a bit....also decided to go with red glass as the decor...
Wreath our daughter made us for Christmas....pretty cool!
My friend was back Friday morning, working on the wood pile!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

More From The Box

"letterhead" from a letter Mom wrote to her in-laws..
Part of a prom program from 1946...whole thing is in pristine condition and looks like it was printed now.
It had a couple pages for autographs...
And lists of the students..
The menu sounds interesting...wonder what Chickenloaf was?? 
And look at the size of the faculty!
Ice Capades program....had the Seven Dwarfs on the back...
Several various pictures...underneath all those pictures is a book of Valentine's, which I will
post about on Valentine's Day....If  I remember! ha!
A little reindeer we made out of a can the one that was in the Johnny W. box, only
this one is complete...and an awesome pair of glasses!
Can't see it too well, but it's my Dad on a longhorn, Grandmother standing by it...I think...
I suppose this will be my last post from this box...can't possibly put it all on here.....there were fair books from the sixties...several of them...also various newspapers, including ones from three different papers from when JFK was assassinated....

Friday, January 25, 2013

Autograph Book

In the last box was an autograph book that belonged to my Dad...
As you can see, it dates from the late 30's...this entry is from his Grandmother.
An interesting entry from his Father.
There were several in there similar to this...sounds kind of harsh! haha!
I like this one...they remained life-long friends.
There were a few similar to this also.
His Mother also wrote an entry, but it was two pages long and I didn't photograph it..It was a more innocent time, wasn't it?