Thursday, September 30, 2010

flooring project

This is scary. Wow....this is the area under the refrigerator when we moved it out the other day...You would think I could have moved it out and cleaned under it once in a embarrassing! lol

The other two pictures are just of the kitchen in progress.....We are in the process of replacing all the flooring except the bathrooms and bedrooms...Sooo everything is pretty much jumbled and was sort of like moving without any organization! We are replacing the carpet and vinyl with laminate and ceramic's almost done except some finishing up...Then we will start moving things back. I figure at the rate I move this will take months..........oh heck, maybe years! LOL

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Wildflowers

We are having some awesome fall weather here. We took advantage of it today by taking an atv ride over our property. My husband was looking for dead timber to use as firewood. I was looking at all the wonderful wildflowers. Some I saw in abundance were Goldenrod, Jewelweed, Blue lobelia and what I think was White Snakeroot.....There were others as well. It was a pleasant outing. Had a good day at work...then after work had a nice walk with one of our daughters and the grandson. He is always such a joy to be around..rarely fusses and is just a pretty relaxed little guy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Day of Summer Tradition

I thought of this last night when I was trying to go to when our kids were growing up I always saved a couple boxes of sparklers from the Fourth of July for the last evening of Summer...We would wait until it was almost dark and go out in the yard and use the sparklers to say good-bye to Summer. It was a fun thing to do. Hope someday they will have their own fun traditions with their families!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Day of Summer

Today marks the last few hours for Summer 2010. It was a good Summer.....our Grandson's first! We were able to spend some time at the river, not as much as we would have liked.....and no one got sick or hurt so that's a good thing. Have been having some late summer weather and will tomorrow too, but after that is supposed to be more fall-like. I like autumn alot. The cooler weather, the fall decorations, pretty leaves....if you look close enough even the weeds turn pretty. I also like the dew on everything in the mornings...every little spider web is even pretty. So.....I am ready.....bring on Fall!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mr. Ed

Meet Mr. Ed. Another find from the dungeon.. Mr. Ed was a toy that I had as a child and apparently was crazy about it....He has a pull string/voice box that said different things. Too bad I wore it out. I do remember it saying....My name is Mr. Ed................I'm a horse, of course.........neighhhhhh.........I will have to think of the rest......Mr. Ed was a TV show back in the day that featured a "talking" horse. No doubt I probably drove the family crazy playing it over and over..... I found Mr. Ed in the dungeon, his poor vinyl head covered with mold. I think he cleaned up ok. Problem is, now what do I do with it?

feathered friends

This is a little feather I found on our sidewalk after work one day.....Just wondering what kind of bird it came from....should go look that up...or work in the dungeon.....or clean the bathroom.......or......etc.

This is twisted

Yet another find from the dungeon.....a little notepad made by the fine people from Lisa Frank. Well.....this is just wrong on sooo many levels! A cat and a dog.....dressed (badly) as humans...and they appear to be a couple...Check out the dog's bowtie, buttons on his sleeve....and yes, purple coat.......what on earth?? It's a wonder we aren't all warped with stuff like this around! Hmmm I am thinking about tearing off the cover and using the paper to make shopping lists on....

Outlawed glasses

I just love those Shrek movies! When the last one came out my husband bought me not one, but two entire sets of the glasses from McDonald's. Then word came out they had bad stuff in the paint...I took the rest back, but just couldn't part with little Puss n Boots.......Hope the bad paint police don't come looking for me!

unidentified plant

Here is an item that has been around the house since July 2. We went to a nearby town to watch the fireworks display and parked along a county road.....there was a bunch of this weed growing there...have tried with no luck to identify it..I would say it's not a plant a person would want seemed to be taking over the area I found it in....


Here is another find from the dungeon!! Was covered with mildew...this is the after picture....I washed it up and got curious about it...looked on the bottom and it has a date of 1955 on it....well...I am not really sure where it even came from! My kids tell me it's pretty freaky! Just another crazy item from a crazy place!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Paint Update

Checked the paint I have drying out from the dungeon again today........decided three of them were ready for the trash man! Yay! Only three left to go! A friend told me it would take a long time for them to dry out and she was sure right......

Sure was a nice weekend. busy, but nice. Weather was wonderful! Now it's back to work tomorrow! It will be ok......will get back into the routine of things! Looking forward to that season!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dusty Day

Just finished unloading two big pieces of furniture in the living room.....They were full of knick-knacks, photos, keepsakes, office supplies, etc etc.... Of course I stuck with my plan of just piling everything packed and stacked in boxes without cleaning anything up first........good plan, right?? I will be paying for this later! lol very dusty!

Sure enjoying this fall-like weather! I had enough of the heat and humidity!