Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tuesday's Pictures

These were all taken on Tuesday....In the morning I was sitting at the dining room table working on some things for a while....eventually Richard walks through and says look at those turkeys! haha No telling how long they had been  out there.....good sized flock.a dozen or so..Sure was neat to see them!
When they got a bit spooked, some of them flew up into the trees...
I went over to the garden after that to pick some zinnias.....I saw some bees soaking up the sunshine and last bits of Summer....
Pretty zinnias...
Reflection of the sunset in the back window of the pick-up.
It was another pretty day today...not quite as warm as yesterday, but just wonderful!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Closing It Down

We went down to the cabin Monday for Stage Two of our winterizing process.....oh my! look at all those leaves! Perhaps we should have brought a rake. or a leaf blower..or both! Ha! We'll see what Mother Nature does with them the next week or so...It was a warm and breezy day....and even though down by the river  a lot of leaves had already fallen, it was still pretty!
Lots of leaves on the steps can see by the ripples in the water how windy it was!
Leaves gathered by the dock.
We made good process on closing the cabin for the season. We should be able to finish in another trip ...or two!

Wildflower Wednesday

I took this picture last week over by the garden....don't know the name of this one either!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday Things

This picture is from a couple weeks ago....totally black caterpillar! 
Friday I was moving stacks of old corn stocks from the garden and uncovered this guy...who probably thought he was in a good spot to hide...
Taken Sunday morning....big "town" rabbit that has been living at least part of the time in the tangled bunch of bushes we have between our house and the highway..

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Colors

Sugar Maple in the Mae Yard...This tree was damaged in a storm several years ago, but still puts on a pretty show every fall!
Smaller Pin Oak on the West side of our house......
Another hard maple...
A big stand of this has volunteered between us and the neighbor...I looked it up once and it was something like Rough___Dogwood I think. I can't remember the middle word. Anyway, the birds love these berries....and it makes  a good screen...One drawback is there are  a couple weeks where it just stinks something awful! 
Leaning Sugar Maple....East side of our house.
Over by the red garage..
Sugar Maple that has volunteered in the fence corner of the Mae yard...
More Maple..
I took all of these pictures today.....I think the peak of the color was actually Friday here...although there is still lots of nice color around, especially some of the maples....

Friday, October 24, 2014

Freaky Friday

A few days ago, I was cutting the tomatoes ties off the posts, to make it easier when Richard went to pull them up....about the fifth post I did I came across this spider......we are thinking it's a black widow...Here it is after we disturbed it....

Before that it was tending to it's egg nest thing...It was actually kind of tucked behind a tomato vine, right next to the post...
Probably a good thing it's a long time until I'll be picking fresh tomatoes again! Hopefully I will  forget about this by then! Ha!
Tuesday we started the process of closing the cabin.. One of the things I did was to take all the bedding off the beds.  I had picked up a pillow (that was under a comforter) and felt something inside the case...felt kind of like  a AA battery or something...sooo I turned the pillow upside down and out came what I thought at the time was a huge live lizard! About scared me to death! haha  It quickly scampered under the bed, so Richard  moved the bed and caught it and said it was actually a skink....We let him go and he took off too fast to get a picture...again, probably a good thing it's going to be a long time until someone sleeps in that bed!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Season

Glasgow Snail...Sarah,Tyler and I saw this when we went on a short walk..
Super-neat Fall Decorations!
We saw this on a back road way home from St. Louis.....interesting as it's built into a hill right in front of a house....would like to know the story about it...
Neat hardware thing on the door..
Firebush leaves/berries in our front yard..
The small Pin Oak on the West side of our house..
Poke berry in the Autumn sun...
Doesn't really show the brilliant scarlet leaves the cover the top third of this tree...This is a Pin Oak on the West side of our driveway...the picture sure doesn't do it justice..
Another pretty day here today....I should have gotten outside and taken some pictures...will plan on that the next few days!

Wildflower Wednesday

This is growing behind the Old Jail Museum.looks like it is some sort of vine....have no idea what the name of it is..
I took this picture about a month ago..over in the Mae yard in a shady area where the kids' sand pile was at one time....I kind of looks  like White Snakeroot, but I don't think it's tall enough to be that..anyway, a couple pretty fall flowers!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Man's Dinner

When our company was here earlier this month, us girls all went out to lunch one day and Richard cooked dinner for the men here at the house.....steak, baked potatoes and garden corn....looks like a man's dinner, doesn't it?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Randoms

Beautiful day here in the Ozarks today! Here is an old metal lawn chair seemingly holding up the roof on the second floor of a collapsing barn...
Sock Monkey at a cell phone lot at Lambert Airport in St. Louis....He was impressed by the big city!
When Mom was here we went to see a friend at a home in Rolla...on our way back we took the "old highway" and stopped at the old scenic lookout....we saw this marker giving the elevation..
And this sign showing the direction of North....It was printed in the concrete, but doesn't show up in this picture...It was a beautiful day and such a pretty drive
I kept sweet Emily Saturday night while everyone else went to the Super Farmer event..She was such fun! She drank a cup of milk at 9:00 and conked out!
The picture just doesn't do this tree justice.....I took it this morning. The Pin Oak between us and the neighbor...Started at the top turning the most brilliant scarlet color...the color is working it's way down the tree...just beautiful!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Maries Hollow

Sarah, Tyler and I went to Maries Hollow this is always interesting to look around at all the neat things they have! I bought this seasonal wreath..I sure like all the seasonal colors in it! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Florida Visitor

We sure had a nice visit with my Mom, who was here for over a week from Florida. I hope she enjoyed her visit...She got to see her all her kids, in laws, grandkids(except one grand daughter), great grandkids, her sister and brother-in-law from  Nebraska, a dear friend and her husband from Glasgow, a friend in a nursing home and a host of other good friends!  The time always goes so fast! We took her back to the airport in St. Louis yesterday and then took the scenic way home along the Missouri River. The trees, while not at their peak yet, were really pretty....We had lunch at this Mexican was good...their menu was almost identical to the Mexican places in Jefferson City.
We stopped at Hermann and got some items....because everyone knows I don't have enough stuff! Ha! Three old bottles and a cast iron finial off of an old fence..
My Mom brought these for me....I really like colorful! And they truly did come all the way from Switzerland!  Her neighbor had been to Europe and brought these back..
I didn't take many pictures during the visit, but thankfully our daughter did.....sure was a good time to remember,  even if it was rainy a lot of the time!