Friday, January 27, 2017

Photo Dump

Richard has been working on the stumps left from the trees we had removed last Summer....You can see how rotten this one even has a little hole in the back of it!

anchor for a power pole that the tree was growing around

A couple necklaces I found this week....101 Dalmation one and he one with the cameo is a Snow White choker necklace thing.

Someone backed into this at the ball park. Looks hazardous!

We had Emily two different days this she is using this game to build skyscrapers....that is something (I thought) that she knew what a skyscraper was!

Pretty eyelashes..

We sure have good times with her!

Bo's Hollow, etc

Neat entrance to a church and cemetery....people worked hard on this to make it look nice!

the church

watercress on the spring fed creek

this place seemed pretty remote..

lots of little buildings,etc. It was closed for the season of course.

This building is at Montauk State Park

The Vichy Fire Tower..these stairs looks easier to climb than the ladder going up the side of that one....and I have climbed this one, a long time ago....It is fenced off now, so you can't get to it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Current River and Echo Bluff State Parks

These pictures are from the Current River State Park.  Quite a little drive to get down into this, but it looks pretty nice. It has a nice lake a lots of buildings.

I walked out to this little screened in area on the lake.

the spillway from the lake that goes down into the Current River...see the river?

Old bridge.

neat rock pillars

We also went through a new state park, Echo Bluff. about fancy. I should have taken pics of all the new roads, parking lots, etc etc  there is also new cabin things and a new hotel for people to stay in...looks pretty high end. for sure. here is a neat old building that was there.

The area used to be called Camp Zoe, before the state got it. Seems like once a year young hippie types came there to do their thing. This is a building left from those years.

Peck Ranch, Twin Pines and Others

We took the auto tour through Peck Ranch, where MDC has introduced elk. We saw signs on a bunch of trees for the Ozark Trail

and we saw two of these old looking blinds..

They had parts of the route gated off, but we did see one elk..

see it's radio collar?

we stopped at Twin Pines also....the building was closed for the season, but they had some neat outdoor exhibits, including this old vehicle.

this was at another area, which I have already forgotten it's name...a fire tower as we used to call them..

long ways up!

marker underneath the tower

See the ladder going up the side? no thanks!

and of course here is another neat old barn!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rocky Falls

We took a trip to Southern Missouri last Friday...It was a beautiful day and we had a good time.  Had lunch near the courthouse in Shannon County.

Sign near the courthouse

One of the many places we stopped to look at was Rocky Falls.  Nice place and not very far off the beaten path...

looking downstream

Neat place and suppose a person could take the trail to the top and climb out on them....maybe another time....or not...