Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt 2016

I didn't get any pictures of Tyler since the kids were divided by ages. I was over where Emily was. She was not quite sure of the whole deal at first...

but she quickly figured it out!

Isn't that something how little kids can sit in this position?

Her pigtails were so cute!

We were lucky and had really nice weather for it!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

We had a nice time this morning with the family! The Grandkids made quite a haul!

The twins shared a basket this year they'll get their own!

Tyler's basket

and Emily's

It was cold, but we got the egg hunt in before it are mostly of Emily..Tyler was moving too fast!

It was a fun time!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Barbie and Friends

I needed something to do yesterday, so I went downstairs to the dungeon...I decided to start on the barbies..oh my, what was I thinking when I stored these away? What a mess! I left all the "extras" down there, shoes, purses, furniture, etc etc So, still lots to go through downstairs...Here is a tangled mess of Barbie type dolls

various pieces and headless, legless, armless dolls....

I did find some  Spice Girl dolls....these are in decent shape, as I believe the girls were pretty much done with dolls when I bought these..the one with the pink shoes is a Sabrina doll

assorted Disney themed dolls...

Oh heck...the dolls on the white cake plate are vintage..probably three of them where mine, the rest I believe I picked up at yard sales, and Patty gave the girls two of the left and all around are more Barbie type dolls

and then to the right of the cake plate.....This project is going to take me forever. 

This doll was in with the Barbie tote stuff...note the rope around it's neck!

It appears this doll was tortured haha  or it didn't like the conditions in the dungeon, which is totally possible....

Maybe  I can manage to throw this one away?

These little guys were tangled in one of the Ariel doll's hair...
Will update my progress on this....but it's going to be slow going!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday Things

The shot glass is from a really neat place in Nebraska...a deal built over I-80 I believe....neat museum..the little doll is from when I was a kid.....came maybe in a deal so you could wear it as a necklace. Can't remember the name of it and I should have looked it up!

Doll furniture from when I was a kid

Little shelf hanging in our kitchen...on the top is a couple dead insects, and if you know me that is no surprise! Ha! also on the top is a white china dog that I found in the Old Jail Museum yard when we were digging to plant daffodils...corsage from Sarah's wedding....The rest are little treasures gathered from here and there..a couple were my Mom's...the little birdnest was Grandma Frieda's..most of the little china animals came from a place called Wilson's Baskets over at the Lake...Whenever we would get over that way, which wasn't very often we would get to pick out a little animal....they had all kinds. years later we dropped by there with out kids and it wasn't much of a going concern anymore..don't know if it's still in business, probably not.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Barbie & Co

I divided the happy meal toys roughly in half.....I did not take the time to "fix" their hair...figured it would just get messed up again anyway. I was going to divide them into the years they came out, but gave up on that...I did divide them into groups to photograph them.

and there is Ken too!

the baby is Kelly or Stacy...when you slide the little chicken nugget box the baby's hands go up to it's mouth....I like the horse one too!

there is that baby again..those flat disks are used to stand the dolls up

The only one that didn't belong to the kids was the one in red on the far left..I must have picked it up at a yard sale was still in it's package.