Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bay, Missouri

We took a trip Wednesday to look at the fall colors. One of the places we went through was Bay. Cool old buildings right by the roads here....Love the old doors and windows!

Lean-to caving in....
alley between the two back to this big barn with an open area in it...
This building was on the other side of the road..
Old window in the pressed tin addition...
Panes of glass all gone in this one..
Awesome windows....shutters from long ago..
View from the road
Note the old pulley still in place!
Attached or near this was this shop....they were closed when we were there..
State Bank of Bay...still in business...they even had a customer while we were there...we should have went in there just to check it out!
Love this weather vane thing! A bunch!  Appears to be glass balls and that tail fan thing looked like stained glass! Awesome!
Stay tuned for the rest of our trip!

Happy Halloween

Just some pictures for now that I took this morning in our yard....leaves are finally getting pretty.....Not going to be the most outstanding fall color we've ever had, but still pretty...was quiet and cloudy out this morning when I took these.....and as usual, the pictures don't really do them justice.....May go out again later to take some more....

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Garage Sale Finds

Found this mug at a garage sale this past weekend.....Old Sleepy perfect chips or cracks....(not the best picture as there is a reflection that makes it looked chipped) anyway, it's about four inches tall and in super good shape! I was really excited to find it!
Four bucks? Yes, I can do that!
Mark on the bottom
Random tiny dishes that I sure didn't need....they just made me think of Emily. paid $1.25 total for these.
These were in a ziploc bag and marked one dollar for the whole bag...the little basket is actually cooler than it looks in this picture...The lady has a cute expression on her face...four of these pieces are Made in Occupied of them has been repaired, but the others are in great shape.
Of course I sure didn't need any of this stuff! I already have enough stuff! But it sure was fun to find some things!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Great Pumpkin

Richard came home from work this afternoon and brought the Great Pumpkin with him! He bought it up in Osage County....It is HUGE!
It fit nicely into our Fall display!
This afternoon I took some time to gather some dried weeds for an arrangement....I didn't go down any county roads, but still got a decent assortment....Will see how much mess it makes on the floor..
Richard gathered some Black Walnuts and  spread them out in the driveway to get the husks off of them so we can use them...these are going to be sooo good!
I used the garden hose and lots of water pressure to wash out the grill that was in the flood...when I got done I saw this spider on the back side....interesting pattern on it!
An all-black Wooly Worm...Have heard of others finding all black ones also...wondering what kind of Winter we are in for! Perhaps I will check some Persimmon seeds tomorrow!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Catching Up

I thought it was time I get caught up on posting some is sock monkey hanging on a grapevine on the Paradise Valley Road....He was a great traveler and it's a really neat road!
Flowers we supplied for church last Sunday...In memory of my Dad, who passed away 13 years ago on that date..
Awesome milkweed from down by the river! I need to make an arrangement of a bunch of Fall grasses, seed heads, etc. Maybe a good project for tomorrow....
Sock monkey loving on an enameled coffee pot!
We found some Osage Oranges on a different county road.....very cool!
The girls and I went to Maries Hollow Herb Farm and did a bit of shopping....Very neat place! I bought this dried bouquet...
And some dried Yarrow. I also bought a "spray" of that stuff!
I mailed a card Saturday and put three of these stickers on the back...Black fuzzy cats..appears gray in the picture, but it was really black.....Look at the date! Vintage stickers!
Demented clown in the kitchen at the church's Halloween Party!
Cutest fireman ever...with his "fire pup"  
Sweet Baby Emily...playing the part of a "fire pup"

I always called this stuff "buckbrush"  taken today at the "farm" when we went to go check on the food plot....I also learned all about deer "scrapes" and "scrape runs" Learned something today! Ha!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Pretty sunrise this morning.....taken from my usual spot on the East side of the Mae House...
My Mom and her husband left this morning after being here for several days....we sure
had a good visit! I couldn't quite bring myself to put away their breakfast dishes until 
after lunch today....sure was quiet here today...
Same thing with the crossword puzzle....stayed there until after lunch....
Will be looking forward to the next time we can be together...
Went down to the cabin late this evening to turn off the water/drain the lines to 
prepare for colder weather....supposed to frost tonight I believe, and then a 
hard freeze Thursday night..looking downriver here...picture doesn't really show
it, but was a really pretty sky down that way..
Monkey came along to supervise! haha!
Monkey said it was getting dark. and cold. and windy.
Sure didn't think there would be anyone else down there that time of evening on a Tuesday night, but our neighbors were there working on their cabin...yes, we are all still repairing flood damage. We stopped on our way out and had a nice chat with them. Friendly, nice people.  Also found out they attend the same denomination of church that we do...and even knew a former pastor that we knew rather well....He served here back in the early 70's.  Small world!