Sunday, March 23, 2014

Summerfield on a Sunday

We took a drive today over to particular reason, just somewhere we hadn't been in a very long time....Here is the sign along the old railroad...
Very large building...
Pretty much every building there has seen better days...
Neat stuff on top of the roof.
Neat old barn on a county road up that way...
Two more
Old buildings are so interesting..
Near Paydown
Looking through the trees from Mill Creek
Mill Creek
Would love to know the story of this place...
Abandoned railroad tracks near Summerfield
Our drive today was a nice outing....

Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcoming Committee

I have no idea where this red lizard came from....early Winter I saw it peeking out from under the leaves in the flower bed in front of the bay window....a few weeks ago I put it in this rose bush...the lizard watches the sidewalk and greets visitors...
Yes, a bit strange! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Survey Helper

Last Tuesday afternoon I went out with Richard to "help" with a survey...Which meant I drove equipment from one place to another....I have no idea what this is.....Just struck me as funny because it looked like it was watching me! Haha...guess you had to be there!
Pretty colors!
I used my zoom to take  a picture of this....some deal he climbed up a hill and put in the woods..
Still watching me...
Down by the bridge now..
While he did the actual work I wondered around taking pictures....I guess this is remnants of the swinging bridge that was washed out in the late 90's? maybe 1998? anyway, didn't know any of this was still there.
Not a good picture, but this appears to be part of the wooden piece off the swinging bridge....must be tethered to something still, or it would have floated off by now...
On the upstream side of the bridge...lots of small trees bent over from the epic flood in early August..
After he didn't need my help anymore I went on home....he kept working and when he did come home he brought me this rock he had found in a creek...a heart shape in it! Awesome! He is so thoughtful and those of you that know me know what a rock-nut I am!
Took this picture this afternoon! The first day of Spring! Daffodils blooming behind the Old Jail....

Monday, March 17, 2014


We were saddened yesterday by the loss of my Mom's husband, Jim. Picture here is from their visit to Missouri in October....He is holding little Emily's hand. We'll miss you, Jim!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tractor Graveyard

Late this afternoon I went with Richard to a place where he had been surveying....the area seemed to me to be a tractor graveyard...I didn't even get pictures of all of them!
There was a horse walking around. I felt kind of sorry for it...seems like it would be lonely....there is an old dog house...two decent Weber grills...and many other assorted items!
This looks like it was about to fall in...
Neat with the sun shining through the gaps in the boards.
There were lots of various old trampoline....piles of old metal and fencing.....scrap lumber, etc etc.
I like the old limestone rocks..
Pine tree sure is leaning!
It's like it knew it was about to topple over, so it put on extra pine cones....
There was a pretty view to the was also a nice warm day with a good breeze...I should have gotten more pictures of the junk!