Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Town-Thursday Morning

I know I have some readers that used to live here and don't anymore, so
I decided to take some "town" pictures this morning.A visit "home" for those people!
..this is Mill Street..
looking South...
Also South....You can see the Old Jail on the left...
Looking North....Note the police car..Yeah, lots of crime going on
up this way at ten in the morning...not only that, but the guy
looked, no glared, at me like I was some sort of criminal! Whatever!
City Hall....Cop going in to do whatever it is they do in there.

Note the absence of the water tower.
Looking East...towards the river.
and again....nice view to the East.
Main Street looking South.
And again....
Looking North on Main Street..backhoe is probably something
to do with the water project?
North again.
View of the Methodist Church..
Towards the end of Main Street....looking South again..note how they
resurfaced the street....and widened it on this the right
is where the Church of Christ will eventually be.
Looking South again....
Nice morning out right now....cold front coming in though....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creatures from the Dungeon

I hauled a big bag of creatures out of the dungeon last week...Going to wash
them up and see if Tyler would want to play with any of them.....I really
don't like snakes.....This creeped me out even though I knew they weren't real...
giving them a bath in our kitchen sink.....
Most of the snake collection...still creeping me out! :)
Assorted lizards and salamanders....Some of these actually have
quite a bit of detail on them, which the picture doesn't show..
I like the frogs! Especially the rain forest ones!
Various sharks,etc...
Sarah told me these came from the "treasure box" at the dentist's
office when they were little...
Assorted sea creatures...and a frog and a lizard that were
not present when their group photo was taken...
Pretty colored fish!
Those are actually kind of detailed also.....
I am thinking that our kids had too many toys?  This is only a partial inventory of that bag from the dungeon...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dungeon Days-Austrian Tea Set

Last week while in the dungeon, I got out this carefully packed box.
Inside the box was this tea set, made in Austria. My Mom thought it
might have been a gift to my Grandmother from a student. I knew this was
down there, carefully packed away in a safe corner...that is where it has
been for about ten years. Back in 1988 our parents had us kids select a
list of 12 things we would like to have out of their house. Although this
set is very lovely, and probably worth some $, I kind of wonder what my
1988 self was thinking.....this isn't really my style of stuff...but I do like
it, and it is already being displayed in the "china cabinet" in the living room.
I have done a little research on this word...Kitzbuhel...but
really haven't found much out about it.
Same thing with the company that made it....Just haven't found
the right site yet I suppose.
Inside of the tea cup
Nice set!
Other than one cup that appears to have a hairline crack in it, all the
other pieces appear to be in mint condition.
It was fun to get this out and see it again after all those years!