Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party and Other Weird Stuff

This is a woman with her cat on a leash....right here in town....I don't know, I am just thinking this cat doesn't like this.. Between here and Jeff City

Sock Monkey looking strange!

Tyler's cousin won this sock monkey in an attendance drawing.

G-Pa and his pride and joy.....Little guy is dressed as a sack of potatoes..what a sweetie!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

DNR Trip

I went with Richard to the DNR building in Rolla.....I looked around outside while he did his records search. The seeds on this plant are so pretty....pristine white and so pretty when they fly!

I am assuming these are something they got up with some kind of drill thing??

I bet the people are there thought I was either nosey or weird......or both!

Reminds me of a surplus property chair....sturdy as can be, wonder if it would ever wear out?

bush on the East side of the building

Late season dandelion! It was a pretty morning and we had lunch somewhere we had never been before, IMO'S Pizza.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Betty Crocker and Other Random Things

I was looking for my cake decorating stuff the other day and came across this cool old thermometer....doesn't appear it's ever been used! And you can see it cost two dollars. This is part of the decorating items I found...these belonged to my Grandmother....

These papers were also in there....I like the old looking graphics.

Is it just me, or does the Betty Crocker from back then look kind of tired?

Dog bone on the mirror by our front door.....I would like to think we are the only people in the county with a dog bone by the front door, but I bet we aren't. ha!

These seed looking things growing off a bush by the cabin...

Sweet Gum ball in our front yard

pink stalk of a poke berry plant in our "flower bed" by our driveway

That was a pretty strange assortment of pictures!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Old Cabin

When we closed up the cabins for the season on Sunday, I took a few pictures in the old is a homemade sign...We called in Old Blue because when we bought it it was painted blue... Was purchased in Rolla on August 8, 1968

Note the old time phone number on the switch plate....also I am thinking that temperature is accurate..will check it out again next time I am in there.

Back in the day even the switch plates had decorative touches on them.

On the outside....right by the door

Piece of interesting wood my parents hung on it

pheasant decorating the wall inside..believe this once belonged to my grandparents in Nebraska

One of the light fixtures

I wish I would have taken a few more pictures.....maybe next time..........

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Town

We are in the North Ward today....Opened seedpods of a yucca or soapweed plant.....growing on the Southwest corner of the building.....
Side of the steps that go out the South side of the building....

Hand-hewn limestone foundation.......

Is this one a little more difficult? Stop and give it some thought!

This picture shows one of the windows and the siding....along with the tips of a Maple tree in the yard.

I am betting you know now!

It's the Old Methodist Church located across from the Old Jail Museum!

Sunny Monday Morning

Was a glorious morning today....most of these are of a Sugar Maple between our house and the Mae house.

Brilliant October sky

poke berries

growing in the Mae yard

Pin Oak on the West side of the house.

acorns off the Burr Oak tree in our backyard

Monday, October 24, 2011

Old Stuff

I found this stuck in an old book....I thought it was interesting but I haven't took the time to actually sit down and read it yet.... The other side.....

One of the little Japan deals I bought at Goodwill on Thursday...the base of it is about the size of a quarter.....I have no idea what it's used for!? They came in a set of 12.

I did use on Friday to put a little acrylic paint in while I was doing a project. And, speaking of projects, I can see by this picture that the "seat" of our bay window needs refinishing!

I sure didn't need those little Japan things, but I like them!