Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day One

Richard took these pictures Sunday afternoon...He and Sarah walked down over the bluff to check things is the outhouse holding strong!  with both the doors open!

Water starting to come up under the deck...

Picnic table floating around...looks to be something wrong with one of the benches....won't be too big of a loss if it is torn up

Tiki Torch that I just left in place....they were ziptied to rerod so I figured they weren't going anywhere...I had taken the actual torch part off last Fall..

Neighbor's place from upriver...I see what I believe is his handmade bench floating there..
At the time these were taken the USGS was calling for an all time high level on the river...breaking the old record by something like four feet....they have now lowered that to just above record level....would be fine with me if they lowered it again!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Old Jeep

Some old dump trucks at the Argyle survey job

This old jeep thing was parked just off the railroad tracks..

the back door thing was in the "up" position....

The inside is a bit trashed!

the rear-view mirror was in perfect condition and there was still a light bulb in the little light above the windshield

Passenger door was hanging open

the back bumper

I had fun looking at this old vehicle!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Argyle Survey

We went and scoped out a survey in Argyle on Sunday....I thought this old equipment was interesting...

Wonder about the people that used to sit in this seat...what stories we could hear!

crumbling concrete corner post

and a couple neat old buildings

there was a small fenced enclosure on this property...becoming overgrown with honeysuckle.

more old machinery

This piece was along the old railway....

The railroad is in the process of being converted into a trail. Rock Island Trail or something like that.  The rails,etc have been removed from this area already...

and looking the other way, towards Argyle.


These signs were actually on a private road in the area...curious as to whether it is ok to trespass if you have permission? haha  I thought it was a funny sign.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wildflower Wednesday

Our Wild Sweet William really has spread the last couple of years..

Wild pretty and still blooming

Some kind of buttercup probably....this was blooming in our back driveway, we also have some of it over in the garden. Their petals have a waxy appearance and aren't they such a pretty yellow color?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Just Stuff

I went to the Freeburg yard sales last week....I dug these out of a free box at one sale!

I bought Emily this little rolling suitcase thing...she liked it. I found her some clothes too and that is all I bought....Just don't need much of anything, I guess.
Picture of That Tree...taken today..

Little fellow in the flower bed by our front door...

Look at him!  I should have taken more time and tried to get a better picture!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Church Dinner

The kids and I watched Richard cook some this morning for the church dinner honoring our graduates..the main dish was grilled chicken breast.

He also cooks several steaks to slice up and share...

the sun was bothering the kids...especially Tyler!

Too funny!

Richard works hard on these dinners and this one was so good, just like they all are!