Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Florida Trip

Just a few pictures from our Florida trip...

We actually stopped at the Welcome Center, which we had never done before. nice place and they were giving away samples of Florida orange juice and grapefruit juice. Apparently these painted dolphins are a thing now, perhaps in the Clearwater area....I saw some material about it, but have not read it yet!
Taken on the way down there.....note the 63 South.  Always super excited to see the 63 North sign on our return trip.

We were in Alabama a long time...

One time when we went down there we saw several of these in Georgia, but this one was in Alabama.....we have also seen cotton ball ones in Mississippi.

Have seen this carnival set up in this shopping center lot before too!

this said something about tax time on the front of it

Just a random pic in Alabama

Like the White Castle place around here...Had an early lunch here.

quite the big complex here...looks like lots of activities take place here.

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