Thursday, June 30, 2011

Less Can Be More

This is the after picture...In looking at this, I think I could cut even more of the forsythia....and should really pick some of the Redbud Sprouts to cut also....couldn't bring myself to do that yet! This is a huge piece of driftwood my parents got on the river...I think it's just awesome! This is also the area of the yard where I have a few clumps of Wild Geraniums. I hadn't realized that the Forsythia bush was about to cover it all up.
The before picture.

We had rocks placed under the whole deal wherever it touched the ground, but looks like we need to put more since it has sank down in the yard....Yes....I do think I need to cut more of the bush back.....and for sure sometimes less is more....Will be a project for another day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unwelcome Visitor and an Obvious Project

Quite the find here....mouth wide open......measured at 37 inches. You can even see where the eyes are/were!

I was piddling around with the mulch on the West side of the house the other day and sure took a jump back when I saw this! Whole snake skin.....head to tail. Now I know some snakes are good and help keep the rodent population in control......I just don't need to know they are around! The obvious project? Check out our siding! I am seeing a can of CWF and a paintbrush in my future!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gifts from the River

Previous post about driftwood got me to thinking about some of the other driftwood we have...Took this picture in the blazing sun....should have waited until evening. Anyway, this piece is actually part of another piece that is in front of our bay window...this one is out in the yard on the wonderful limestone rocks we have.....I am seeing some elm sprouts here.....must take care of that! and note another out of control Forsythia bush too!
Got this piece from my located on the East side of our house.

Under a Pin Oak tree...Notice the Lily of the Valley that my high school friend brought me...

In front yard under the Pin Oaks.

Makes me want to go to the River and look for more! I think they add some interest to the yard.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Wonderful signature quilt given to our Pastor....

Great picture display at the bottom of the stairs... Very interesting to look at. At the bottom it said Pastor Karen, you just can't see it here because of the gifts.

All in all it was a good celebration. Big crowd in attendance. I don't think it's quite sunk in yet that she is somewhere else now. We are so thankful that we were able to have her and her family here with us as long as we did! They will be missed!

Saying Goodbye The Day Before

On Saturday we changed the sign at church....still seems kind of unreal that she is gone :( My husband slow cooked brisket for like all day.....later on these were cut in half and wrapped in foil then cooked some more.

Some "smokin" wood he bought....I thought it was funny the company is the 200 acre woods.....guess a play on Winnie the Pooh and the 100 acre woods.....Three different "flavors" shown here.

Empty bag of lump charcoal.....otherwise known as "redneck charcoal".......shown here complete with the dog! and the front end of our 01 Pontiac....

Smoked hog......ready to be carved....they did this down at the pavillion so the mess would be down there....all it's missing is the apple in it's mouth and cherry eyes!

Busy day getting ready for the dinner!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

yard sale mementos

Cool old Oak chair....... Nice Maple Drop-Leaf Table

Cherry table with two leaves.....

We got these at our Pastor's yard sale. Her last service is today.......Goodness, we are going to miss her! She was fantastic! And not only was she was super pastor, she was a good friend. Sure going to miss her, her husband and her family too. Just so fortunate to have been able to have her here with us for so long! God Bless You.....My Friend!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mae House Discovery

While "working" in the Mae House Wednesday, I came across another box of shells...look at these sweet little shells in a tic tac container! Aren't they so neat?
Neat tiny glass bottle with a cork, inside are the most miniature shells!Both of those were inside this box....shells mostly sorted by type/size,etc. Box was tied with yellow yarn. My Mom had brought these from Florida a couple years ago....Don't know why they got carried over to the Mae House, but sure glad I came across them the other day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Adventures in the Mae House

I have been taking advantage of this nice weather and trying to do things in places that aren't heated/cooled. Like the Mae House! I worked in there on Wednesday....I was getting a little crazy by the time I decided the ceiling fan might be a good place to hang these old Christmas wreaths...These are just old ones that I have in the past used over at the Mae place.....back when I could get to the two yard gates! Hard to believe, but this is an improvement from what it was....stacks of canning jars and boxes containing our church's financial records for the last several years.

A view inside the only kitchen cabinets that I could get to....good grief. This may be a very long project! I don't even know what some of this is!

Well.....the good part is I shouldn't be bored in my reitrement. This project alone should keep me busy for a long time!

What's blooming

Not really a bloom I guess? Anyway, this is a wild garlic doing it's thing in front of the Mae porch. Sweet Peas....dug from a yard uptown where the house was going to be torn down...Parking lot there now for the KC Hall.

Evening Primrose I believe

False Dragonhead otherwise known as Obedient Plant....lots of this out in the "iris bed" lol

Elderberry blossom...have a couple volunteers of this here and there in the yard. These blooms smell sooo good!

Good Friday Morning! Still nice weather here....for now!

Little visitor

I am thinking he was reaching for the little blue item.....anyway, he is such a good boy and just told him no and he understood...he sure is getting tall!
"Pick me up Granny!"

What a sweetie!

He sure lights up our lives!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Season

While working in the dungeon the other day I came across a handfull of really nice seashells....I combined them with a couple from the basket on the coffee table and decided they may look ok in the bathroom. Will leave these up for a couple months.... Little shelf by the mirrow....I did have a couple objects made of wood here....these are a nice change for Summer.
Beautiful weather here in Missouri today....have been taking advantage of it by being outside nearly all day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Random Stuff

Time to get caught up on some old pictures! This is my first ever peanut butter pie! I made it for the community Easter Service. Yeah, I did say I needed to get caught up! This was so easy to make! Easter gifts for our grandson..The five was to pay for something our daughter picked up for us and wouldn't take money for it, so Tyler got it in his Easter basket!

He really liked the little wheeled toys....he took some home, but left several of them here to play with when he visits.

Picked these little dogs up at a local flea market that was going out of business...Well, sure didn't need any more stuff, but I thought they were sweet. I think they were a dollar.

Pretty little dish.....nope, didn't need this either, but just kind of liked it. I believe it was two dollars.
I got this at my daughter's thirty-one party...nope, didn't need this either, but have it fixed up with plastic tableware, napkins and a salt&pepper set...Have this hanging on a hook down at the cabin so it's easy to just grab it and go outside when it's dinner time.....Handy to at least it's something I can use!

A little visitor I found the other morning....just minding his own business!

Not a very good picture, but it's a wildflower that was growing in our garden.

Bloom of a bush we have growing by the Mae fence out by the road.

That is it for the randomness today....Sure looking forward to the cooler weather coming tomorrow....And today is the first day of Summer!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Oh boy! Nothing I like better than chocolate! My husband had this sent to me for my retirement! Half dark chocolate/half milk chocolate as you can tell! An two pound bar! We had a sample last night after dinner and it's mighty fine! Here is the personalized box it came in.....will be keeping this (of course) to store pictures or papers of some sort.

My husband is about the nicest most thoughtful guy there is! Thanks!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Winged Friends

I found this walking over in the Mae yard the other day. It is a Great Leopard Moth I think...what a neat design!
and again

Found this in the garage window. Poor thing. Anyway, too many in the book that look so similar I was unsuccessful finding out it's name.

It's even pretty from underneath!

Dragonfly on a rock in our yard....
That's it for today! Have a good one!