Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wildflower Wednesday

When we went out to mow the Poor Farm Cemetery at the charcoal kilns, I took pictures of these two pretty wildflowers in the road ditch....they were not where we were mowing, so they were safe!  This one was actually a little more pink than the picture shows..

I believe this one is called Fire Pink. We have some of it growing beside our driveway also.

Monday, May 29, 2017


crumpled up plate from 1982
Still odd to see the kiln yard so cleared off! I can still picture all the activity that used to take place here!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Cabin Progress

Not sure if I posted  a "before" picture of these or not...they were on top of the bunk bed and fell off when it started could not see what was through the glass because of the mud film. I had to take these apart, clean them, and put them back together....yeah most people would have probably just thrown them away..

A "before" picture of the yard today...this is by far the latest in the Spring the place has gotten it's first mowing of the sure needed it.

made some progress inside the cabin today. Still some left to do..

it is going faster using the garden hose, squeegee, broom, etc instead of wet mopping...which of course we'll have to do at some point, but we will hopefully get the worst of it this way.

and an "after"  shot of the yard...looks much better!  

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday's Sunset

Pretty sunset this evening! We took a little drive around town and when we got home I took these pictures of the pretty sunset!

Out and About

Just a few pictures from this week....first one we came across out in the Dry Creek area....survey equipment talking to the satellites! It was weird to see this because it's kind of remote out that way.

Not sure anyone is going to buy these plants at our local store....they don't look so good!

out with the old, in with the new...I didn't know they were changing signs at the cemetery...

Friday, May 19, 2017

Grandkid Time

We enjoyed some Grandkid time today! We had Emily this morning while Sarah took the twins to their two year check up .....Here Emily is showing off the aloe plant I bought at our local grocery store..I bought it because Tyler was so interested in them when we toured the school greenhouse. There are the roses too from Mother's Day at church..still nice on Friday!  Thanks again for the roses, Sarah!

Modeling the straw hat from Mexico I cleaned up from the cabin...note the two totes on the coffee table....brought those in from the cabin  just to clean and sort them..

After getting back from their appointment, she left the twins here with us too so she could go to Tyler's end-of-school assembly.  We got along great!  Here they are in the knotty pine chair I brought in from the's all cleaned up now!

We sure enjoyed our time with the kids today! Looking forward to more good times ahead!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


We had Emily on Tuesday just for fun! While she was there she and I planted some bedding she is watering some petunias...I had forgot how much help a three year old is! Ha!  We had a good time though for sure!

She liked the watering job!

Before we planted she wanted to bring out a sleeping bag and pillow and "camp" in the yard....It was a beautiful morning to be outside.

She also watered a flat of tomato plants we had bought..

We try to have Emily for the day once a week. The flood made us miss the last two weeks, but I hope to get back on schedule soon....and with school ending we'll have Tyler some too!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Random Things

A Vienna Rock I found the other morning at the post office....relocated the next day...

a "good" snake!

some cars I cleaned up from the cabin....they didn't get in the floodwaters, but the tote they were in still needed sorted out and freshened up.

a bird nesting in a bush in our front yard. explains why the cat has been sitting out in the yard staring at this bush!

Bird nests are so neat how they are made!


A couple things I cleaned up from the flood....both of these things were on the top of the bunk bed...and were probably fine until the floating started....This picture was covered with mud...I had used some thing to wipe some of it off before this picture was taken...the after shows that the frame gained some "character" and the print, while damaged, was not totally destroyed...

painted straw hat from Mexico covered with a thin layer or mud..

the mud came off easily, of course then so did some of the paint....again, more character!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hwy 42 Bridge

more pics from the bridge..these are when the water was still out of its banks this was peaceful  there was a bit of water streaming into this big sounded nice..

looking downriver across from Indian Ford

This was later when the water had went down more.....lots of bank missing and two metal things sticking up...maybe from the old bridge?  Looking just upriver on the west end of the bridge

downriver side of bridge, west end...lots of missing bank here too

East side was really bad

big washed out hole...note the three or four old posts or poles..the highway dept or someone had cut them off in this picture

Modot starting their fill in the hole job