Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Grand Parade

Another Grand Parade is history....and was it ever hot!!
Kof C having their BBQ stand....always get a hamburger there!
This area is now at the end of the parade, so is not quite as packed with people.
That, and it was sooo hot in the sun!
Selling homemade jelly for a scholarship fund...
The beginning of the parade...
WWI memorial watches another parade. I stood in the shade of the WWII memorial.

Part of the crowd on the West side of the courthouse.
Pretty sure they didn't sell any sleds or snow toy things today....
Nice stand giving away ice cold drinks and free hot dogs...
Here it comes!
Baby Emily pretty much slept through the whole thing...what a sweetie!
Tyler and his Daddy...
Gary on a cool old tractor.
Not a great picture, but was a really neat float...from the Catholic School...
My three favorite girls!
Traffic on 63 afterwards...Some going to the Mizzou game (see the tail?) and some
heading to the river...
Traffic backed up to the old MFA, but really moved pretty quickly..
It was a good time......annual small town parade....Oh, and there was an Eagle that flew over our end of the parade route...first time I have seen that!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fun at the Fair

We were able to take Tyler to the fair tonight (thanks Matt and Sarah) and we had
such a good time! This was his first ride of the night....
He got together with his cousin to do some rides and did they ever have fun
I think they could have ridden every car there!
On the jet ski ride again..
A girl that works at the bank had Tyler come back and pet the cow...he thought
that was great.
Saying thanks!
It was a fun evening!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saturday on the River

We took a boat ride on Saturday to check out the flood damage to the river.
Some areas seemed to have more damage than others....We saw lots of people
cleaning out their cabins and just generally cleaning up from the flood.
We ate our lunch in a slough up at Thox Rock...this bird watched us for a while.
Log full of turtles at the mouth of the slough.
Looking downriver at Thox Rock.
This one got pushed into the trees..
Saw more trees,etc than we could count..

Almost looks like tornado damage...
It's weird how the water washes away the dirt.
It was an interesting ride!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Miss Emily

Today was actually Sarah's due date....we are happy that little Emily has
made her appearance and is healthy and happy!
Friday....Emily's first trip to Granny's house! We had such a nice visit!
This was taken Saturday evening at Sarah and Matt's.......Granny
needed a bit of Emily time...and Tyler time too!
Sweet slumber...
Auntie M likes holding Emily...
Proud G Pa getting his "turn"
Tyler playing with the truck/trailer we bought him...he even brought it to 
church to play with!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mining the Cedar Chests

I did some digging in the cedar chests the other day.....looking to see
what baby clothes I had saved from when our girls were little..I came 
across this pillow,which I believe was from Grandma Frieda...Is that right, Dixie? Mom?
It has a burgundy back.
I used to keep these three velveteen type pillows on my bed when I was a girl..
A scrap of vintage fabric...very thin...perhaps was a curtain once?
This fabric is not quite this shade of orange..
 I'm vintage! haha!
Red/white tablecloth...also the patch from when I was in's called
something else now.
Quilt I used on Sarah's bed when she was little...It's more of a pale
yellow than the picture shows...The lighting in the basement is not
good for pictures, but I was too unmotivated to carry things up to
Detail on the quilt...can't imagine the time that went into making this!
Quilt I used on Malinda's bed when she was actually more lavender than
the picture shows..
Detail of a butterfly.
Maybe on one of these hot afternoons I can get back down there and finish my mining!