Thursday, July 6, 2017

Butter Churn

I decided to clean out this butter churn that is in the corner of our bedroom...I knew it had some gloves in it, but wasn't aware of what else was in there....Here are some of them...note the pair that says "Only Good Dreams"  

Hat, sock, mittens appear to be handmade....the thick mittens my parents got me years ago....they are so nice..I believe they came from LL Bean or somewhere like that.

the churn

random items also in there....two mis-matched gloves....two pair of cheerleading socks from the late 90's....why do I still have these? Ha!  an old extension cord, etc.

and three random toys....the sheep even had it's Certificate of Authenticity! Ha!  It is from Charlotte's Web.  The other two were from a Shrek movie....they are resting on some gold tissue paper that was in the crock.

Never know what you are going to find around here!

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